Wed. 10/23: The Sierra Club and Food & Water Watch need our help to protect our environment and wildlife. Two quick actions!

P-30 and P-53 were found dead in September and August, respectively. Both had rat poison in their systems. (National Park Service)

Action #1: STOP MOUNTAIN LION DEATHS FROM RAT POISONS! – Join the Sierra Club in calling Governor Newsom.

(from Jim Hines, Sierra Club, Los Padres Chapter) Good Morning Friends:
We walked the halls of the CA state assembly this Spring and got our bill passed to ban anti-coagulant rodenticides (rat poisons) banned in the state of California, then the bill went to the state senate and we just did not have the votes this Fall for passage. The state senate is now in recess until 2020, so our next chance to get the state senate to ban rodenticides will be in February 2020.
But in the meantime, mountain lions (and other wildlife) are being killed by simply eating dead rats.
So along with our friends at Poison Free Malibu, we are urging people throughout California to contact CA Governor Gavin Newsom and ask him to impose a statewide ban on the use of wildlife-killing rodenticides.
The Governor has told us he will consider such a ban, but he is already getting a ear full from supporters of wildlife-killing rodenticides (retail store industry who sell rat posions, agri-business, golf courses and the like).
So we need to show the Governor that the people in California want mountain lions, raptors and other animals protected.
The Governor has toured mountain lion habitat areas and wildlife crossing areas with us and has always been on the side of protecting mountain lions, but now we need him to act to save mountain lion lives.
You may contact the Governor in any of the following ways:
* Use the Governor’s email link:
* On Twitter: @GavinNewsom
* Gov Newsom’s phone: 916-445-2841
for mountain lions wild and free,

Action #2: Tell the Senate to “skip” Aurelia Skipwith for head of an agency she might be happy to destroy.

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