Get your state legislators to D.C. to fight for democracy!

Easiest action you’ll get this week! Copy and paste a letter to your STATE legislators, asking them to join their Texas colleagues in Washington DC!

The Declaration for American Democracy is planning a solid week of advocacy on democracy in D.C. next week from Aug. 2 to Aug. 6. (Video below from DFAD – click if “black”.)

They want to get state legislators from as many states as possible to come to D.C. on Aug 3 to follow in the footsteps of the Texas legislature (minus the fear of arrest… ) to speakup about the effect that the suppressive laws would have on democracy in their states. And CA wasn’t free of voter suppression bills – two of them showed up on the Brennan Center’s State Voting Bills Tracker. 

They need us to help to get the word out! We’ve printed out a 2000 character version of their letter below to fit in Sen. Limón and Asm. Bennett’s email comment sections. If your legislators have no limits, use their original version here (email template for state legislators) Share with your friends and family! Let’s get leaders from all over America to stand on the Capitol steps and demand better from the GOP.

Action #1: Just copy, edit the [name parts] and email to your state legislators.

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