Sat 4/4: State of Ventura County’s front line volunteer efforts.

We have an amazing community here in Ventura County! 

Quick links: 

  • Mask-making for VC health care workers (now at 3012 of 3500 needed!): here
  • Volunteer opportunities, including those for healthcare workers, in Ventura County: here.
  • Want to be part of the new Gown Brigade? Go here.

Today’s update:

(Information below from Amy Towner, CEO – Health Care Foundation for Ventura County.)

Wednesday, the VC Reporter wrote about all of you and the incredible grassroots efforts in protecting our community.  These measures seem to be flattening the curve more than in other regions by us staying home and taking simple precautions like social distancing, washing our hands, not touching our face and protecting ourselves if out in public. Below is the article highlighting several of you!!!

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