“NO” on Rahm Emanuel being appointed to anything anywhere.

  • Action #1: Tell your senators to vote “NO.”
  • Action #2: “Dear President Biden. Please reconsider this appointment.”

President Biden announced late Friday afternoon that he will nominate Rahm Emanuel to be the U.S. ambassador to Japan. Emanual is remembered as the the former mayor of Chicago who tried to cover up the police killing of Laquan McDonald, and who drove Black residents from their neighborhoods by starving them of essential resources,

None of Emanuel’s actions from that time are forgotten and none are forgiven. This should have been clear after a previous attempt to make him secretary of secretary of the Department of Transportation was met with protests from leaders of public service unions, civil rights groups and progressive organizations. Not only is Biden’s nomination an immense miscalculation for a post for which any number of candidates would be better suited temperamentally, but it is an huge affront to the Black voters who helped put him in office.

Action #1: Tell your senators to vote “NO.”

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