Tues 9/3: Say “NO” to funding religious discrimination against LGBTQ & women with your tax dollars. Write a comment! Deadline Sept. 16th!

(Updated 9/4/19)

Action – Comment to stop this anti-American breakdown of the wall between church and state, funded with your tax dollars.

With this proposed rule, “Implementing Legal Requirements Regarding the Equal Opportunity Clause’s Religious Exemption“,  Trump is not just throwing meat to his base of fundamentalist evangelical Christians by targeting women and the LGBTQ community. He’s not just undermining another one of Obama’s accomplishments. By allowing the prejudices of a small group to expand their discriminatory goals further into the public sphere, fueled by our own tax dollars, he’s weakening the protections of our constitution and the bonds that hold us together as a people.

Right-wing fundamentalists and white supremacists are mobilizing their base to support this rule. There are also a lot of comments from misinformed religious people, who are worried that opposing this rule change would suddenly force churches and church soup kitchens to hire atheists. This makes it crucial that you speak out.

Please, in your own voice, comment on this proposed change. We’ve added a bunch of information below for you to use to understand what the rule would do, and it’s essential un-American nature. We’ve even added some fast American history at the bottom so you can see where we’ve been in our struggle to make “all men are created equal” true. The deadline is September 16, 2019 at 11:59 EST.

  • The proposed regulation is here.
  • Other people’s comments are here. Read for inspiration. Don’t copy. Identical comments and signatures on petitions will only count as (1) total comment.

Comment here.

What does this proposed rule do? Well, it could fire you. 

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Sun – 4/21: Your Monday call to oppose SB-230 can save a life.

Image used by permission of Darrin Bell, winner of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning. The death of Trayvon Martin was one of driving motivations behind his amazing work.

Action – Tell your state senator to oppose  SB 230 – which perpetuates our police-execution machine.

Despite our liberal reputation, CA leads the nation in police-involved killings at a rate 37% higher than the national average, due to extremely loose regulations on when police can use lethal force.  Between 2005 and 2016, our police officers killed over 1,200 people. In 2017, they killed 162 people, half of whom did not have guns. A recent LAPD report found that one in three instances of use of force by its officers involved someone with mental illness. Shootings also disproportionately impact communities of color, as CA police kill unarmed young black and Latino men at significantly higher rates than they do white men.

This action is actually the tale of two competing CA bills –

  • AB-392 “Peace officers: deadly force, backed by the ACLU, civil-liberties groups, labor unions, and families, CHANGES the standards about when police are allowed to use deadly force from reasonabletonecessary“. (APPROVE!)
  • SB-230“Law enforcement: use of deadly force” backed by police unions and management, concentrates on improving internal department policies and training, all of which they could do without creating this unnecessary law. (OPPOSE)

Here’s a clip from a officer training video from Kern County in 2006. Although Sheriff Youngblood stated his words were taken out of context, it’s not surprising that Kern County is currently the leader in officer-involved killings. (Sheriff Youngblood retained his seat.)

SB-230“Law enforcement” is on the 4/23 agenda in the Senate Committee on Public Safety, (Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson is a member, along with Sen. Nancy Skinner (Chair), Sen. Moorlach (Vice Chair), Sen. Bradford, Sen. Mitchell, Sen. Morrell, and Sen. Wiener.)

They’ll be meeting at 9:30 Tuesday, so get your calls in on Monday! (If you’re not sure who your senator is, check here.) (AB-392 has been re-referred to the Rules Committee and isn’t on the agenda yet.)

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