Fri – 5/24: AB 1217 – Issue Ad DISCLOSE Act

Action – “YES” on AB 1217 Issue Ad DISCLOSE Act! It’s up for a full Assembly vote!

harry and louise

The infamous “Harry and Louise” ads that helped kill national health care proposals in 1993-1994 were paid for by insurance companies, without viewers ever knowing.

AB 1217Issue Ad DISCLOSE Act will require “issue” ads to list their top 3 funders like other political ads do.  It also closes the loophole that allows attack ads on candidates to avoid disclosure if they don’t “expressly advocate” for the defeat or election of a candidate (the so-called “sham issue ads” loophole).  Over $26 million has been spent on electioneering communications since 2010! AB 1217 will also require them to show their top 3 funders, if they even name or depict a candidate during the 120-day period before the election.

Legislation on every issue you care about is vulnerable to these deceptive “issue” ads that often make false claims, and can fool the voters and pressure the legislature.  And they do it while hiding the real names of the funders behind good sounding and misleading names —

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