Wed. 7/4: Put up your flag today! The America we’re proud of is still here.

Let’s take a day for some good news and a little laughter.

We’ve donated over $17 MILLION dollars to help refugees get justice!

The fundraising for the Texas nonprofit, the Refugee & Immigration Center for Education & Legal Services (RAICES) has been amazingly successful. A social media–driven fundraiser, started on June 16th by two early employees of Facebook, Charlotte and Dave Willner, for RAICES become the LARGEST in Facebook’s history, with more than $17 million donated as of Thursday. The San Antonio-based nonprofit is the largest immigration legal services provider in Texas, with free and low-cost services for immigrant children, families and refugees in central and south Texas.

We’ve also learned a new term…”rage donating“.

The Willners had originally planned to raise $1,500 for the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES). The minimum cost of a bond to get someone out of detention is $1,500, but they can cost up to $10,000.

Using their technical expertise and leveraging the influence of their friends in the techical world, they made their fundraiser accessible and got matching grants from large donors. By June 18th, they had raised $9,135,877 towards a new goal of $11 million.

Join them on Facebook and make a donation here.
FAQ’s for RAICES here.
More ways to help here.

We’re winning the imaginary civil war we supposedly started today!

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