CA Health Care for All Act (AB 1400) is in the Health Committee hearing starting tomorrow (1/11)!

While we’re waiting for health care improvements in the Build Back Better plan to go through the Senate – we need to move forward with AB1400, Medicare for All in California.

Here is the story so far…

California Guaranteed Health Care for All Act (CalCare) – A bold, public-funded, “cradle-to-grave, head-to-toe” healthcare reform bill to replace the commercial, for-profit-only healthcare system and take control of healthcare away from companies like Pacifica Companies and political lobbyists like the California Association for Health Facilities (CAHF).

A long awaited major move towards passing single payer legislation in California is HAPPENING TOMORROW. The single payer bill, California Guaranteed Health Care for All Act (AB 1400) has been advanced to the Health Committee and the first hearing is tomorrow 1/11/22. It will only be in the Health Committee for a few days and will hopefully be passed on to the Appropriations Committee and then the full Assembly. Jim Wood, chair of the Health Committee, has long been opposed to single payer, but has agreed to move it through his committee.”

(Update! Assembly Health Committee chair Jim Wood has committed his SUPPORT for AB1400 when it’s heard in committee on Tuesday. If you are in his district, please thank him!)

AB1400 MUST pass out of the Health Committee, the Appropriations Committee, and the floor by the end of January, or the bill DIES for yet another legislative session! 

Action – Make a call to your assemblymember!

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Assemblymember [___] to know that AB1400 is important for my own health and that of my family and I will be watching for [his/her] vote.

  • State Assemblymember Steve Bennett: (CA-37): email, SAC (916) 319-2037, SB (805) 564-1649, VTA (805) 641-3700
  • State Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin: (CA-44): email, SAC (916) 319-2044, CAM (805) 482-1904, OX (805) 483-4488
  • Not your people? Which assemblymember/state senator is mine?:

More information on AB-1400.

The main author of the bill is Ash Kalra. Here is his press release. The bill must leave the Assembly by the end of January.

AB 1400 is supported by California’s Largest City, Los Angeles! 

The opposition will as always, use scare tactics to scare people away from supporting AB 1400, using the false bogeyman of “rising taxes” but CA ALREADY spends an exhorbitant amount of money on healthcare, with underwhelming results. Three million Californians have no healthcare insurance. Due to this, it is estimated that approximately 13,000 die because of this, disproportionately, many being “people of color.” Individuals will save on skyrocketing premiums, deductible and co-pays. Healthcare will no longer be tied to employment.”

Here is a calculator to give one an idea of how Medicare-for-All will actually save your household money:

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