Our profit-centric healthcare system was broken before COVID-19. It’s just more obvious now.

  • Action #1: Update on last weekend’s CalCare Caravan & invitation to join the CalCare phone banks!
  • Action #2: Sign a petition to Newsom to make single payer health care a reality in CA!
  • Action #3: Tell your state legislators to vote “YES” on AB 1400 – CalCare

Despite the gains made under the Affordable Care Act, nearly 3 million Californians have no health insurance, and millions more have insurance that they can’t afford to use because their copays and deductibles are too high. Meanwhile, for-profit insurance companies are reporting record-breaking profits, even while the Covid-19 pandemic continues to ravage California and medical bankruptcies are at an all time high. In fact, these corporations benefitted from the pandemic, because we couldn’t access healthcare our premiums paid for safely. Despite this, premiums will be increasing in 2021, because that’s what profit-driven corporations do. It’s past time for a change to a patient-centric healthcare model. In the era of COVID-19, single-payer has taken on a new urgency. 

Action #1: Update on last weekend’s CalCare Caravan & invitation to join the CalCare phone banks!

Many thanks to all of you who helped in any way with Saturday’s CalCare SPEAKOUT and caravan.  Whether you attended the event, took pictures, made signs, made phone calls, sent emails, offered suggestions, or wished us well from afar – it all helped to make the event as successful as it was.  #BetterTogether
To keep the momentum going, here’s a list of urgent actions you can take right now to promote #CalCare and Healthcare Justice:
+The CA Assembly Committee on Health will present their analysis of AB1400 on April 21.  So it’s urgent that we contact the members of  this committee immediately to tell them why CA needs AB1400.  For a list of committee members and links to contact them go to: ahea.assembly.CA.gov/membersstaff
+Text “CALCARE” TO 69866 to join the Phone Banks.
+If you have 10 minutes, please call or email your legislator today!

Action #2: Sign a petition to Newsom to make this happen!

Sign this petition HERE for Governor Newsom to request the necessary waivers so that federal funds can be used for a California single-payer plan!

Action #3: Tell your state legislators to vote “YES” on AB 1400 – CalCare

AB 1400 – Guaranteed Health Care for All. Establishes a comprehensive universal single-payer health care coverage program and a health care cost control system for the benefit of all residents of the state. Folds other public health care programs into “CalCare.”

Minimal Script: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Asm./Sen. [___] to strongly support AB-1400Guaranteed Health Care for All. It’s good for patients, their families and CA businesses as well. (Add in any personal stories (or email) describing healthcare/health insurance issues you’ve faced and how this legislation will positively affect you and your family.)

State Senator Monique Limón (SD-19): 
SAC (916) 651-4019, SB (805) 965-0862, OX (805)988-1940 email
State Assemblymember  Steve Bennett (CA-37): SAC (916) 319-2037, SB (805) 564-1649, VTA (805) 641-3700 email
Not your people?: findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov.

Here are 5 facts you need to know about California’s new Medicare for All Bill: CalCare AB 1400

  • 1. What would CalCare do?
    • CalCare would establish a state insurance plan that would cover all California residents regardless of employment, income, health status, marital status or documentation status.
  • 2. What medical services would CalCare cover?
    • CalCare would include coverage for medically necessary services currently covered under the Affordable Care Act, PLUS oral health, audiology, vision services and long-term care.
  • 3. How would CalCare be different from private health insurance?
    • CalCare would eliminate premiums, deductibles, co-pays and coinsurance. It would also eliminate hassles like pre-authorizations for treatment, provider networks and enrollment periods. 
  • 4. How would CalCare be financed?
    • CalCare would be financed by a public Trust Fund, which would be funded by monies from federal and state government agencies along with additional revenue sources, like a wealth tax, to be determined by the California State Legislature.
  • 5. How can CalCare capture federal funding?
    • To capture healthcare dollars from the federal government, the Governor of California must request waivers from federal agencies such as Health & Human Services.

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