“Call-a-Day” actions for the Arctic!

(This action was originally envisioned as an advent calendar of calls, starting on Dec. 14th. Now, however, you can start whenever you wish.)

One corporation each day this week – Call and email them, tweet and tag them – tell them “hands off” our Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!

This corporate-focused campaign is being done in coalition with the “Defend the Sacred: Protect the Arctic” (Defend the Sacred AK, Sovereign Iñupiat for a Living Arctic, Gwich’in Steering Committee, and Native Movement).The goal to is to convince them not to bid on leases or have any involvement with Arctic oil extraction!

  • DAY 1: Hilcorp – use this graphic to target! Contact: @HilcorpEnergyCo, CEO: glalicker@hilcorp.com, Phone: 713-209-2400
    • In 2015, The Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission noted 25 instances of regulatory violations and stated boldly: “Hilcorp’s conduct is inexcusable” and “The disregard for regulatory compliance is endemic to Hilcorp’s approach to its Alaska operations.” In 2015, they were fined $100,000 for Clean Water Act violations following a 10,000-gallon crude oil and produced water spill at Milne Point. In the last five years, Hilcorp has reported 102 oil and hazardous substance spills on the North Slope.
  • DAY 2: Chevron – use these graphics to target!  Contact:@Chevron. Email, Phone: 925-842-1000
    • Chevron is one of just a handful of oil companies with knowledge of the results of the only test well to have been drilled in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Chevron has been responsible for significant oil spills around the world, and has reported one spill on the North Slope in the last 5 years.
  • DAY 3: ExxonMobil – use this graphic!Contact:@ExxonMobil, CEO: darren.w.woods@exxonmobil.com, Phone: (972) 940-6000
    • ExxonMobil is “one of the top three producers of oil and the largest holder of discovered gas resources on Alaska’s North Slope.” They began producing on their Point Thomson field in 2016, which reportedly holds roughly 25 percent of known gas reserves on the North Slope. In the last five years, ExxonMobil has reported 55 oil and hazardous substance spills on the North Slope.
  • DAY 4: ConocoPhillipsContact: @ConocoPhillips. Email, Phone: (907) 276-1215
    • In 2012, ConocoPhillips paid state and federal regulators $312,000 over North Slope spills in 2006 and 2007. A report released by Alaska’s Legislative Research Services on May 1, 2019 showed that, “Alaska is the most profitable region for the company by a wide margin.” In the last five years, ConocoPhillips has reported 444 oil and hazardous substance spills on the North Slope.
  • DAY 5: Liberty Mutual – use this graphic! Contact: @LibertyMutual. CEO: David.Long@LibertyMutual.com, Phone: (907) 276-1215
    • Liberty Mutual is by far the largest Insurer of Oil and Gas projects. While many banks have committed to not funding Arctic Oil and Gas, very few insurers have done so. Today we are teaming up with the folks at @StoptheMoneyPipeline to target Liberty Mutual and call them out for their dirty business practices. 

Additional Actions

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