Tues 9/15: Help Wanted!

#1 – Spanish Speakers urgently needed to text Florida voters for Biden

Spanish speaking volunteers who can text or call in Spanish are urgently needed to drive up Hispanic support for Biden in Florida.  Right now, the Florida race is extremely close, and Trump has gained strength among Cubans and other Latinos, who are being inundated with wild disinformation, including QAnon tropes, accusations that Biden is a communist, and that a Biden win would put America in control of “Jews and Blacks.” A paid insert in the Spanish-language version of the Miami Herald equated Black Lives Matter protesters with Nazis, and has been running anti-Semitic and racist articles for months. It’s as ugly as it gets, thanks to the GOP and far-right Spanish-language sites.

The Democratic Latino vote is critical, and we need help NOW because we could lose Florida if this continues. Upcoming Texting times are

  • Tue, Sep 15, 5:00pm–7:00pm EDT,
  • Sat, Sep 19, 11:00am–12:00pm EDT Tue,
  • Sep 22, 5:00pm–6:00pm EDT. 

Find out more and signup here to text Spanish speaking voters in Florida. If we cannot make the dates listed, new ones will be added, so keep checking back. If you know Spanish speakers who can help, please share this info with them:   link here or https://www.mobilize.us/fl2020victory/event/320226/

#2 – Volunteer to help blind voters

 Be My Eyes is a simple, free tool to connect blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers for help with daily tasks. The platform will be training volunteers to help users register to vote with Vote.org tools and is looking for more volunteers to participate. There is no minimum time commitment and it’s super flexible — you can choose when to answer a support call.  They are hosting a training Tuesday, September 15th at 9:30am PT which will be recorded. Sign up here.

#3 – Help Florida’s former prisoners pay fines to restore their voting rights /Donate/Share information!

Florida is one of the states that may decide the election and with the close race there tightening, voter suppression is in full swing. The latest target is former prisoners, who recently fought a hard-won battle to get their voting rights restored, only to be required to pay fines and fees before they can vote.  

 We Got the Vote https://wegotthevote.org/ is collecting money to help pay these fees and restore lost voting rights. If you are able to donate, learn more about their program and donate here. Whether you donate or not, please help spread the word on social media. Especially now, especially in Florida, every vote counts: https://wegotthevote.org/finesandfees/

UPDATE: 9/17/2020

Addition to the 3rd task:  Email Bill Gates (media@gatesfoundation.org) and Michael Bloomberg (mbloomberg@bloomberg.net) and contact Tom Steyer through his web form (https://www.tomsteyer.com/contact/), and ask them to form a network of wealthy progressives to pay off these fees and allow 774,000 disenfranchised voters the right to cast their ballot. Your letter can be simple and short. Proposed script: (make it sound like you.)

Dear Mr. ______

I’m know you’re interested in a just and fair election. Despite the Florida voters’ clear intent to restore the vote to former felons, the GOP-controlled legislature added on a Jim Crow-style requirement, recently upheld by the Florida Circuit Court of Appeals, continuing their disenfranchisement until they paid off all fees and fines. Florida’s records are so disorganized, many can’t determine what they owe, but if they guess wrong and vote, they could go back to jail and many can’t afford to pay at all. This is not how America is supposed to work.

We need your help. Former CA Gov. Schwartzenegger offered to sit down with officials to help reopen polling places. The right to vote is being held for ransom in Florida. Please, would you network with others with similar power and  make a deal with the governor to restore the dignity of the vote to over 770,000 people?  

Thank you for your consideration.

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