Mon 12/2: Emergency meeting tonight to stop unjust evictions to evade new renter protection laws!

Facebook event here. Please arrive by 5:45 to the front of Ventura City Hall!

(From CAUSE:) We’re  reaching out to let you all know about a really important City Council meeting on Monday December 2nd at 6 pm where a Moratorium on Evictions will be on the agenda and up for a vote. 

You may have heard about the most recent VC Reporter article and/or the previous   article talking about the 1313 Buena Vista apartments as well as other tenants being evicted on the Avenue. 

On Monday, November 18th, the Ventura City Council voted unanimously to draft a moratorium on no-fault evictions until the new renter protection laws (AB 1482) go into effect January 1st. It is now imperative that we attend the next meeting when they actually vote on the draft. If passed, this will allow tenants who were given no-fault notices to vacate are able to remain in their homes.

Please arrive by 5:45 to the front of Ventura City Hall and we will once again walk in together to the council chambers at at 6pm. We should all then try to speak during public comment period, which will be at the beginning of the meeting. 

We’re trying to get as many people to show up and give public comment in support of the moratorium.



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