Thurs 7/11: Get ready, get set…Join us at the #LightsforLiberty vigil tomorrow.

First, a little music…

Good news!

  • AB-32, CA’s bill to close private detention centers within our state passed from the Public Safety Committee, thanks to Sen. Jackson and all you callers! Now it’s on it’s way to Appropriations.
  • This just in! The House Judiciary Committee voted along party lines Thursday to authorize subpoenas for documents and testimony related to the “zero tolerance” policy for illegal border crossings, detention or short-term custody of children or migrant families, and “discussions about or offers of presidential pardons to Department of Homeland Security officials or employees.”

Bad news!

  • The government is searching in five U.S. cities for properties large enough to imprison up to 500 hundred kids (fortune). Properties with 20-year leases... No, guys, the Flores agreement stated 20 DAYS!
  • ICE just did what Congress told them not to do…they opened up three new for-profit immigration detention centers in the last few weeks.(mother jones)

What you can do on…Join in on Friday for the Lights for Liberty vigil.

Throw your friends and family in a car and join us! Almost 50 community groups will be participating in a  peaceful protest for LightsForLiberty, this Friday 7/12, at the ICE offices in Camarillo. Facebook post here. It’s an evening vigil,from 7-10, so bring a flameless candle (law enforcement has asked for no real flames.)

sign verbiage.jpegMake a sign if you can! If you’re comfortable doing so, put your city or group logo on it so that when we gather we can visually demonstrate that people from all over our county and beyond will not sit by and allow these atrocities to happen. #LightsForLiberty

For more information about Lights for Liberty and locations of Friday vigils that might be closer to you, go here.

Quick actions to take after you finish your sign…

  • Join the “Never Again is Now” Facebook group here.
  • Send a letter to Congress to stop the raids here.
  • Send a letter to Congress to visit the border now.
  • Sign ACLU’s petition to stop 287(g) agreements here. The 287(g) agreement gives local police authority to be ICE agents in jails and target people who look or sound “like immigrants,” in order to interrogate them about their immigration status.
  • Setup your phone: Raids can happen anywhere. Get your phone ready to go (see example below) and report raids to the National Immigration Detention hotline (385)- 212-4842 and to United We Dream (844)-363-1423. They are scheduled to start this Sunday. Video all arrests. Share this raid and deportation information kit with those who may need it.


UPDATE: Make your own letter template and start sending it out to corporate supporters of ICE and the private detention system.

(from Chop wood, Carry water) Deloitte consulting has $103 million in contracts with ICE, including $4 million which directly involve “detention compliance and removals.” Let’s contact them and tell them how we feel.

Indivisible East Bay has provided these excellent talking points, but reminds us we have to make the letter unique or they’ll ignore it.

If you email, be sure to include your name and your city and state.

  • I’m writing to ask that your company take immediate action to show its support for basic human rights.
  • I understand that [COMPANY NAME] has active contracts with ICE and/or CBP, the two federal agencies involved in separating children from their families, terrorizing immigrant communities, and detaining people in inhumane conditions on the southern border.
  • If your company has any involvement in enabling the US government to pursue a racist, inhumane policy to separate children from their parents and house them in what amount to cages and internment camps, I implore you to stop that involvement right now.
  • At this moment in US history, we cannot rely on our elected representatives to do the right thing.
  • Be a leader, take the moral high ground and lead the way.
  • Don’t put profits over morality.
  • Please be on the right side of history and end your company’s involvement in these horrifying practices.

Other companies who need our attention…Use your new template as a base and get started…

Wayfair: In spite of the walkout mentioned above, Wayfair management insists it will fulfill a $200,000 order from BCFS, a government contractor that manages detention centers.

Microsoft: ICE uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform for handling data. Microsoft had a $19.4 million contract with ICE as of 2018.

Salesforce: CEO Marc Benioff apparently “struggled” with the decision to keep a contract with CBP, but keep it he did.

General Dynamics: General Dynamics contracts with the Office of Refugee Resettlement. In fiscal year 2017, General Dynamics had $15 billion in government contracts and had faced $280.3 million penalties for 23 misconduct cases since 1995.


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