Mon 6/24: Mark your calendars. 2 gun show meetings!

Here’s the long awaited Committee Report on Gun Shows  and the associated materials from the Ventura County Fairgrounds Board of Directors  (6/21/2019) and the notices for the next two meetings.

(July 24th UPDATE from Indivisible Conejo concerning this week’s Ventura County Fair Board meetings):
The board has removed any consideration of its gun show policy from tomorrow’s (Tuesday) agenda, and instead will devote the entirety of its special Thursday meeting to the subject. Therefore, if you would like to participate during Public Comments tomorrow at 9 a.m., please feel free to do so, but understand that the board will not be addressing our concerns afterward. We strongly encourage activists to come to Thursday’s meeting and make your voices heard!
A word of warning: It seems clear, based on documents posted to the Fair Board’s website over the weekend, that this debate is not going to go our way. The ad-hoc committee on guns shows will recommend that the board create a formal policy allowing them, with the addition of a few minor regulations. The committee’s sole rationale seems to be that it has not found “a direct link between a firearm sale at the Fairgrounds and an incident of gun violence in the Ventura community.” That preposterously narrow criterion doesn’t begin to account for the broad public aversion to guns and paraphernalia being marketed on publicly owned property, or the trauma our county has experienced so recently at Borderline. It is our job to let the Fair Board members know that their jobs and reputations are on the line with this decision — not to mention the reputation of the fairgrounds itself! Please join us on Thursday at 9 a.m. at the Derby Club on the fairgrounds site.
June 25 is the regular board meeting.
June 27 is a special meeting specifically about guns shows and gun show policy.
Come join us as we make our feelings clear about our state government being mixed up in a business that’s part of our national trauma.

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