Thurs – 5/2: If gun violence were a disease, this whole country would be in quarantine. – Part 1

Statistics from Gun Violence Archive.

Oh wait! It is!
(”Gun violence is a complex biopsychosocial disease and as such, requires a multidisciplinary approach to understanding and treatment. Framing gun violence as a disease places it firmly within medical and public health practice. By applying the disease model to gun violence, it is possible to explore the host, agent, and environment in which gun violence occurs, and to identify risk factors to target for prevention.”

2 actions!

Action #1 – Tonight, May 2nd – Oxnard Planning Commission – Help them identify some “risk factors”!

Council Chambers, 305 West Third Street, Oxnard, CA 93030
Thursday, May 2, 2019, 07:00 P.M.

Item #2 on the agenda is a resolution recommending that the City council approve Planning and Zoning Permit No. 19-580-02 establishing regulations to address firearm ranges and the sale of firearms and ammunition.

Oxnard residents expressed concern in 2018 that a firearms store was planning to open within 100 feet of a residential neighborhood and less than 500 feet form a public middle school. The use was not pursued, but as alcohol, cannibis and adult business all have siting regulations, the question remained as to why firearm sales and ranges were exempt. On Nov. 27th, the Council voted 5-0 to impose a 45-day moratorium on new firearms and ammunition retailers to study the issues and land use implications, which was extended until Sept. 11, 2019. A community outreach workshop was held on April 15th, however, no community members attended.

Here are the ranges being proposed. rangeFor firearm ranges, there is a requirement for an acoustical survey, but no minimum requirements are described. There doesn’t seem to be requirements regarding lead or air pollution.

The Planning Commission’s actions on this matter are advisory to the City Council.  Planning stat has tentatively scheduled this item for consideration at the June 4 City Council meeting.

Action #2 – Call the Governor today (May 2) & ask him for money to support gun violence prevention.

(UPDATE from CA Religious Action Center): “Thanks to those who called Governor Newsom as part of RAC-CA gun violence prevention call-in week, and double thanks to those who got others to make calls. We have good news to report:  Governor Newsom has recommended $27 million  funding for CalVIP local gun violence prevention programs in his “”May Revise” budget. This figure is three times what was in last year’s budget. The more than 860 calls we made contributed to such a large increase in funding. We can rest this shabbat knowing we have done good work that had an impact on gun violence in California.

While $27 million is a major increase that will save lives, it is still not as much as we and our allies hoped for.  We are talking with our allies to determine if there is a path forward to increase funding in the legislature’s budget (due June 15) for the CalVIP program and if so, what we can do to win the extra $12 million to reach our original funding goal of $39 million for CalVIP.  If your group or congregation is motivated to continue working on this issue, here is what you can do:

We are asking our legislators to include $39 million in the budget for CalVIP local gun violence prevention programs (a $12 million increase from the “May Revise” budget).  The legislator’s budget will be done by June 15, so all action on this program must happen before then.

One who saves a single life has saved the entire universe. – Jewish tradition

Thank Gov. Newsom for his support for gun violence prevention and specifically asking him to put $39 million for CalVIP local gun violence prevention programs into his “May Revise” budget. These programs have proven to dramatically reduce gun violence. -Nearly 9,000 Californians are shot per year, but CalVIP programs have reduced gun violence in Oakland by 52% and Stockton by 35%. Increasing the budget for CalVIP programs to $39 million will expand these local gun violence prevention programs to other parts of the state and save lives. We are now fortunate enough to have one program in Oxnard.

Minimal script: I am calling from [city] to thank Governor Newsom for his support for gun violence prevention and to ask him to include $39 million in his “May Revise” budget for the CalVIP funding program for proven, local gun violence prevention programs.

Governor Newsom: (916)-445-2841
or email.



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