CFROG ALERT! This Tuesday, 4/9, stand up for our right to clean water in Ventura.

County planning is currently processing a zoning clearance application for 79 new wells on the Oxnard Plain taking farmland to make new drill pads for wells that will extract dirty tar sands using cyclic steam.


CFROG Needs everyone who cares about clean water in Ventura to gather at the Country Government Center (800 S. Victoria) on Tuesday afternoon at 3 pm in the Board of Supervisors room to support an EMERGENCY BAN on TAR SAND WELLS until the source of current water contamination is explained.

Supervisor Steve Bennet will offer a motion for a temporary ban on new well or re-drilling existing wells that use an extreme steam injection process called “cyclic steam” near potable water. This is based on the discovery by the USGS that thermogenic gases have been detected in 3 water wells in the Fox Canyon aquifer in concentrations slightly below the flammable/explosive level.

“The…wells with the strongest signals lie above the cyclic steam activity and they are associated with that and not with the deep injection wells with high volumes at the deeper depths.”

The oil companies quickly tried to smear CFROG for publicizing the findings of USGS scientist Celia Rosecrans, claiming we “didn’t understand” the research, but obviously we do. And so does Supervisor Bennett, who prepared this motion independently.

(You can watch Rosecrans’ presentation here at 1:23 minute in.)

There is a proposal to drill 79 new tar sands wells near the Camarillo airport without an environmental impact study. Bennett’s motion, if approved on a 4/5 vote, would also develop methods for the county to apply new conditions on old permits.

Please join us in this urgent show of concern for our water, our health and our safety. Bring your friends and family. 3 pm Tuesday, 4/9, in the Board of Supervisors room, Country Government Center (800 S. Victoria). This is the item you want to comment on…

April 9 Board of Supervisors AGENDA, 3:00 P.M.

Item 46. Recommendation of Supervisor Bennett to Direct the Planning Division to Promptly Return to the Board with a Proposed Interim Ordinance Pursuant to Government Code Section 65858 to Temporarily Prohibit the County’s Approval of New Oil and Gas Wells, and Re-Drilling of Existing Oil and Gas Wells, for Oil Production that will Utilize Steam Injection in the Vicinity of Potable Groundwater Aquifers while the County Studies Potential Regulations for this Land Use; and Direct the Planning Division to Also Study Potential Amendments to the County’s Zoning Ordinances to Require Discretionary Approval of New Development Under Antiquated Oil and Gas Permits; All Supervisorial Districts.



This image, close-up map, aquifer map and explainers of “cyclic steam”  in sharable PDF form here.

CFROG background page here.

CFROG Resource page here. This includes Ventura County Oil field maps, well records, watershed and groundwater basin maps, environmental data, fracking information and more.




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