Mon – 3/11: We are Tucker-ed out. Put on your super hero capes, pull out your keyboards and phones and ask corporate America to step up.

(Quote from here.)

Action #1 – Use your power for good. Stop the financial machine behind the privitization of imprisonment.

Good news for resistors! You have power in the commercial world. Constant public pressure has caused JPMorgan Chase to announce that the bank would no longer finance private-prison and immigrant-detention companies. Others, like Wells Fargo, Bank of America and SunTrust are now up to bat.

Thank JPMorgan Chase, and have a email chat with the others here at

Action #2 – Use your power for good. Stop the financial machine behind the voices of hate.

In December of last year, Tucker Carlson, climate-change denier, Trump-apologist and “open-minded” racist, went on an anti-immigrant rant that included “immigrants make the United States country poor and dirtier and more divided.” He lost at least 26 advertisers over it. (For comparison, Bill O’Reilly left after 60 advertisers pulled out due to public pressure over his sexual harrassment settlements.)

Media Matters has recently released a full transcription of Carlson’s misogynistic and statutory rape-positive discussions with Bubba the Love Sponge, a popular shock jock radio program, that occurred between 2006 to 2011. His comments even shocked his hosts at the time, and now we can all read them, inspiring the next FOX toxic personality boycott.

UPDATE: more audio here, with racist and homophobic language. Truly a man for all seasons.

So what can I do?

Check out this  list of his current as well as some newly-former advertisers, which is updating fast. Companies like to spread their message to diverse markets, but those careful of tarnishing their brand are already dropping him.

  • Share the list far and wide. If you’ve already purchased from his platform supporters, call them and tell them you’re disappointed.
  • Don’t buy new products or services and tell them why. In this brave new world, you can find alternatives from companies with non-discriminatory core values a mouse-click away.
  • Reach his current advertisers through twitter here.
  • Old school: For phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information, go here.
    • For Toyota calls, start at this phone number 469-292-4000 (ask for Eric Booth)
    • For Miracle Ear, start at this phone number 763-268-4000, etc #4131
  • Sign this petition here.
  • Sign this petition here too. Five of his advertisers have women CEOs: Tricia Griffith of Progressive Insurance, Shelly R. Ibach of Sleep Number, Mary T. Barra of General Motors, Pamela Nicholson of Enterprise Holdings, and Emma Walmsley of GSK. As women, they are directly affected by the kind of sick, sexist vitriol that Tucker has been spewing.
  • Contact Fox News here. Tell them we don’t want an apology. And we don’t want to listen to him explain himself for an hour a night. We want him gone.

Thanks to company that have done the right thing…



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