Wed – 2/20: New “Courage Scores” for our state legislators! Click & Thank!

(CA Indivisible leaders just got back from a Summit meeting in Los Angeles, and we’re sharing some of the great information we talked about.)

Action – Thank our state legislators for voting for us. It’s easy! 

Today, 2/20, is the rollout of the latest Courage Scores for our state legislators (2018). This gives us a chance to see how our Democratic representatives are translating our progressive values into votes. Lucky us, ours are “A” legislators! Some, however, are voting like Republicans, and have been awarded Hall of Shame “F” status. (No actual Republicans are counted in this process.)

(From CourageScore) “Courage Scores grade California state legislators on their political courage, revealing how well they stand up for their constituents over corporate lobbyists that exploit Californians, particularly the poor, disadvantaged, or communities of color.

Now in its fourth year, Courage Score is designed to allow Californians to quickly and seamlessly learn about and engage with their state legislators. Simply search for a legislator by address or name, and users will see the voting record of their legislator based on bills that were a high priority for progressive organizations around the state. Learn more about our methodology below, and take a look at the bills that determined each year’s Courage Score here

More on their analysis process here.

Minimal Script: Click here and the pick “Go-indepth on this legislator” for both your assemblymember and state senator. Email your message directly from the site. (If these aren’t your representatives, go here and plug in your home address.) Thank or spank accordingly.




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