Tues – Oct. 2: Please help a fellow Californian resister fight punitive charges for peaceful protest.

Action – Stand with a fellow resistor. Write a short email today or tomorrow.

This is a video to introduce you to Aeiramique G. Glass. She helped organize Generation Justice SD, a group for students after a local teen was slammed to the ground by La Mesa Police. Here she speaks at a meet and greet on 03/11/2018.

This is where today’s issue starts: On May 26th, Earl McNeil was detained and placed in restraints after showing up at the National City Police Department asking for assistance. He was admitted to the hospital with massive brain and neurological damage and his family was told he had suffered a heart attack while hog-tied. He died on June 11. The families asked Ms. Glass and Tasha Williamson of Generation Justice SD to help them get full transparency of the arrest procedure and the autopsy report. Both women were injured and arrested during the following weeks of peaceful protests in a manner that they and other protesters called racially discriminatory.

Allowing brutality or unjust legal actions against resisters hurts us all by emboldening right-wing prosecutors in neighboring areas to take similar actions.

Please write an email to the office of San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan at sandiegoda@sdcda.org, by Wednesday, to ask her to drop the charges of peaceful protest & nonviolent civil disobedience against Aeiramique, Tasha, and Shane Parmely of Generation Justice. These charges could have a 5 yr/$5,000 fine penalty, which is a punitive method to stop public protest.

Sample Email (Mix it up.)
To whom it may concern:

Please drop all charges against the peaceful protest conducted by Aeiramique G. Glass, Tasha Williamson, and Shane Parmely. The DA’s office should not be prosecuting them for participating in peaceful protest. It’s time would be better spent investigating and holding accountable the National City Police Dept. for the homicide of Earl McNeil and rethinking the highly militarized response to unarmed, peaceful citizens.  This is NOT what justice should look like. I care about what goes on in our communities and I want San Diego and all of California to be a place where justice is served to those who commit crimes, not where we fight against people who fight for justice. This is NOT what I and thousands of others stand for. I will continue to fight for justice and to hold the NCPD accountable. 

Thank you,

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