Tues 9/25: Today is National Voter Registration Day! Help us out, please!

Ask everyone you meet today if they are registered voters.

Most will smile and say “yes”.

Then ask, “Did you move since the last time you voted?”  
Even a move one door to the left requires re-registration. Many people don’t know this.

“Did you {change your name, your party, or decide to get your ballot delivered at home?} Then they need to re-register.

It’s easy to check their status. Put this in your contacts under “Voting”.


It’s easy to register someone. Put this in your contacts under “Voting”.


“My vote doesn’t count, I’m protesting by staying home, etc…”

  • If voting wasn’t valuable, why are billions of dollars and countless efforts expended on removing the franchise from people?
  • Younger voters between 18-35 are the largest potential voting block in America. If they all voted, they could change this country. They could stop high college fees, the destruction of their future environment, and healthcare system, and the mistreatment of their community members.
  • Why Vote? 8 California Youth share their reasons.
  • Why Vote?


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