Wed. 5/16: Two quick reminder calls for our legislators to tell them that we’re watching!

If your senator or representative is doing the right thing on these issues, call them and THANK them!

Legislators appreciate being thanked like anybody else. They also need positive feedback to know that they are accurately representing our interests.

Call on Net Neutrality today!

Click here for information, call scripts, and  contact numbers.

Our legislators on net neutrality:
Rep. Brownley: click here.
Rep. Carbajal: click here.
Sen. Feinstein: click here.
Sen. Harris on : Click here and here.
Other legislative contacts:

Call on H.R. 2 – the monstrous Farm Bill!

Click here and here for information, call scripts and contact numbers.soup kitchenOur legislators on H.R. 2 – the Farm bill:
Rep. Brownley: click here.
Rep. Carbajal: Click here.
Sen. Feinstein : click here.
Sen. Harris: click here.

  • Cosponsored S.2723  — A bill to amend the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 to require that supplemental nutrition assistance program benefits for children be calculated with reference to the cost of the low-cost food plan, as determined by the Secretary of Agriculture, and for other purposes.
  • Sponsored S.2722 — A bill to establish environmental justice as a consideration in the regulation of pesticides, and for other purposes.

Other legislative contacts:


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