Mon. 4/2 – Californians – Ban the pesticides that are killing our wildlife. Comments by 4/3.

( from Jim Hines, Team Leader, Sierra Club California/Nevada Wildlife Team)

Greetings, Wildlife Activists.

As she walks along a path in the Santa Monica Mtns, a mountain lion spots a dying rat. Ah! Something to eat! So she does and before long the mountain lion is dead also.

This mountain lion and many others like her as well as other predator mammals has eaten a rodent poisoned by what are know as anticoagulant rodent poisons which can be purchased in any garden supply, farm supply or home and garden improvement store in California.

But now we have, after long efforts, a chance to restrict the sale of these predator-killing rodent poisons. And not just because we love animals… Birds of prey, mountain lions, bobcats, fishers, foxes, coyotes, and endangered species such as the northern spotted owl, pacific fisher, and San Joaquin kit fox, are an irreplaceable part of California’s natural ecosystems and play an important role in regulating and controlling the population of rodents, protecting our public health and welfare. The loss of these natural predators mean that we will be fighting the next generation of rodents alone.

And it’s not just wild creatures. Our pets are dying too. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reported earlier this year that rodenticides are the most common source of pet poisoning in California and 24 other states.

Existing CA law prohibits the use of pesticides containing anticoagulants in wildlife habitat areas (Brodifacoum,Bromadiolone,Chlorophacinone, Difenacoum, Difethialone, Diphacinone, Warfarin), with some agricultural exemptions. However, dying rodents wander into wilderness areas, and those that would eat them cross into domestic areas, like our backyards and city parks.

AB-2422 – “Pesticides: use of anticoagulants” would expand this prohibition on anticoagulent pesticide to the ENTIRE STATE, with exceptions for professional applications where other methodologies have failed, human health is at risk or where consumables are produced.

The State Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials will consider AB-2422  in a hearing late next week. So please call or email members of the committee by April 3rd.

Minimal Script: I’m calling/emailing from [zip code] and I’m asking [___] to help protect predator mammals, our pets and the health of our communities by approving AB-2422.

Thank you for being the voice for our voiceless wildlife.
Jim Hines, Team Leader
Sierra Club California/Nevada Wildlife Team
Contact these people: 
Committee Members and Staff

Pia Estrada,

Bill Quirk (Chair) Dem-20, (916) 319-2020, email

Dr. Joaquin Arambula, Dem-31 (Fresno)
Staff: Arturo Barajas,

Chris Holden, Dem-41 (Northern San Gabriel Valley, Pasadena, San Dimas)
Staff: Elle Hoxworth,

Al Muratsuchi, Dem-66 (Torrance, Rancho Palos Verdes)
Staff: Brady McCarthy,

William Brough, Rep-73 (Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, San Clemente)

Phillip Chen, Rep-55 (Brea, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, La Habra, Industry, Placentia, Rowland Heights)

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