National Day of Action for Labor – Join in!

Facebook event link for Los Angeles action, same day. Click here

Even if you don’t work for a union…

…what happens to them can affect you too.

On Monday, February 26th, the Supreme Court begins hearing Janus v. AFSCME, a case that could usher in “Right to Work (for less),” a long-time scheme of anti-worker politicians and greedy corporations.

The goal of “Right to Work (for less)” is simple: to silence our collective voice by making it harder for working people to come together in unions.

We must stick together! No matter what the Supreme Court decides, no one can take our power if we stand united.

Join union members, community organizations, elected officials, and faith leaders from across Los Angeles for a massive display of unity and power. Together, we can protect all we’ve built: living wages, healthcare, workplace protections, a secure retirement, and a voice on the job.

Can’t make it? Represent at your worksite with stickers, posters and more from the Together We Rise Toolkit!


The decline in unions has hurt nonunion workers too. (epi)

Fears grow as rightwing billionaires battle to erode US union rights (guardian)

Nurses Rally in Defense of Unions as Supreme Court Prepares to Hear ‘Biggest Threat to Organized Labor in Years’. “It’s the union that brings many safety laws in legislation and public regulatory protections. It’s the union dues that fund those efforts.” (common dreams)


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