We’re in! Vigil tonight and mark your calendars for April 20th.

Action #1 – Tonight!

Join us this evening, to express our grief and yes outrage that yet again at least 17 lives have been lost due to senseless gun violence! We are frustrated and angry and oh so very sad for those lost and their families.
We must keep fighting, raising awareness and pressuring Congress to take action. We cannot quit or give up!!
So yes, yet again we are asking you to show up to make a statement and ultimately a difference.
Thursday 2/15 –  5:30 PM
100 N Westlake Blvd , NE Corner of Westlake and TO Blvds, Thousand Oaks, 91362 (across the street
 from the Westlake Promenade   
 Parking: Lots at the Promenade, Ralphs or Bed Bath and Beyond


Action #2 – April 20th – Columbine Anniversary Children’s March against Gun Violence

On April 20, 2018, the anniversary of the Columbine shootings, school children around the country in public and private schools will be signed out and walk out at 11:00 am Colorado time, and march to mayors’ offices, governors’ offices, the White House, local NRA offices, Mar-a-Lago, campaign offices, etc. Enough is enough. And saying “enough is enough” is getting old. Not one more student should die by gun violence.

Pull your kids from school. Take them to the county seat, the state house, the White House, wherever you can, and protest for their safety, for their lives. Do not let their school be next.

Details where those of us without school-age kids will meet to follow.

If you are in too, copy and paste to spread the word!

Action #3 – May 1st – Teachers’ Strike

Facebook link here.

Current information: Tuesday, May 1 at 7 AM5 PM EDT at American Schools

Keep checking for local information.

“David Berliner issued the following call for a national teachers’ strike on May 1. Teachers are now first responders, trained to protect their students if a shooter gets in the building. Some have given their lives for their students. Parents should join teachers. Enough is enough.

Berliner writes:

”It is way past time. Between now and May 1st teachers have to agree on the gun legislation they want. They can consult with Giffords and Kelly, and others who have suffered, such as the parents who have already lost children to this horrible characteristic of our culture. If by May 1st they have not received assurance that their legislation for sanity in gun ownership will be acted on soon, they need to walk out of our schools. It would be May Day, when workers should exert their strength.

“Our country’s legislators, and the voters who send them to make our laws, can then choose: Teachers and (most) parents for sane gun laws, or, the NRA that provides our legislators money to avoid making the laws that could reduce the carnage we see too frequently.

“Almost all of America’s 3 million teachers— nurturers and guardians of our youth– want sensible gun laws. They deserve that. But they have to be ready to exert the power they have by walking out of their schools if they do not get what they want. They have to exert the reputational power that 3 million of our most admired voters have. Neither the NRA nor their legislative puppets will be able stand up to that. My advice is to start meeting now, write model legislation, submit it to state and federal legislators, and if rebuffed, close down our schools until you get what you (and the rest of us) deserve.”

Save our children.”



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