It’s long past time…

Doug Jones just barely beat Trump’s nominee in Alabama, a racist homophobe and accused pedophile.

While we would wish that the two-thirds of the white female electorate who voted for Moore would take a moment to reflect on the moral relativity that allowed them to support a man who molested children, we’re not waiting on their personal revelations. We’re moving on.

It’s long past time that the people who came out and saved Alabama from it’s worst self, Black women, are recognized. And more importantly, empowered. And elected.

It’s long past time not just in Alabama, but all over the country. has put together a list of Black women who are running for office. She wants to be clear that the list is not an endorsement and research must be done on their actual stances and beliefs, but it’s a great start. Look for one near you and see if she’s a progressive candidate you could support.

Also, bookmark Higher Heights is working to get more Black women involved in grassroots progressive advocacy campaigns and the electoral process. They’re working to build a national strategy to mobilize one million Black women, and dollars by 2020 in order to harness their collective economic and voting power. It’s long past time.

Also check out Woke Vote, The Collective Political Action Committee, ColorOfChange.Org  and the Black Women’s Roundtable.

And now, a little celebration and truth mixed together.

Other good reading/watching/info/resources.:

Black Women Kept Roy Moore Out of Office. Here’s How to Actually Thank Them.

Black women are a political organizing force. They’re not unicorns.

White women need to get their shit together.

Black womens’ loyalty to the Democratic party can’t be taken for granted.

How to support black women after the Alabama Senate Election.

Why white women voted for Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate Race.

Black Women’s Roundtable (investing in Black women’s political leadership)

The Collective Political Action Committee, Building Black Political Power, (helped elect Doug Jones)

Woke Vote, young grassroots organizers in the South registering voters and canvassing for Blue campaigns, (helped elect Doug Jones)


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