Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-Saving Good News! – The “Hurricane Harvey” Edition

Good News for Humanity! Houston affirms that America can still be awesome.

Despite this year of pitting Americans against each other, of overt racism and hatred, and of old symbols of hate marching down our streets, the people of Houston remind us all how amazing Americans can be. How kind, how generous, and how brave.


old people in flood

This guy. Mattress Mack. Incredible.

These bakers


These people who formed a chain to save an elderly man. (instagram)

Local mosques open their doors (cnn)

Hawaiian native brings aloha to new neighbors. (Hawaiinews)

Physician canoes his way to hospital to perform surgery. (clearlakeregional)

Even cell phone service providers come up with a great way to help. (abc13)

People save pets. (atlantic)

NFL player JJ Watt’s #harvey fundraising goal was $200,000. Americans gave $16M.

Many Houston residents can’t keep their pets without a home for themselves. Rescued animals come to Chicago.


Mexico offers help.

Compilation of help that we can achieve from afar.

Some new ones…
Adopt a classroom
Together Rising:  Together Rising stands with Texas.  We know that they not only need our love and support now, but in the weeks, months and years ahead.  Today, we made a $20,000 donation to the Houston Food Bank, and we are challenging all of us to do more for our brothers and sisters in Texas.  We will match any donation you make up to $100,000.  Every penny we receive from you will go to those suffering in Texas. Please let us not allow the fact that we cannot fix everything keep us from fixing something. Give a little with great love. That’s how we heal the world.  You can give HERE or Text TR4TEXAS to 41444 to get a text to make a tax-deductible donation.

Good signs indicating Humanity exists elsewhere too!

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) encouraged his Dem opponent regarding anti-Muslim comments.

muslim opponent

A fund has been created in Philando Castile’s name to continue his kindness to poor students in the school where he had worked as a janitor prior to his death.


Real history is starting to replace fiction.

Philadelphia is putting up a statue for Octavius Catto, a Black war and civil-rights hero. Not only was he instrumental in desegregating his city’s streetcars, he also lobbied hard for the 15th amendment, which was passed in 1869. He was also a martyr, as his efforts to encourage other black Philadelphians to vote cost him his life at the hands of an angry white mob in 1871.
octavio catto

The Equal Justice Initiative plans to build this profoundly moving national memorial to victims of lynching in Montgomery, Alabama. It is expected to open in 2018.

Los Angeles will celebrate Indigenous People’s Day instead of Columbus Day.

Some Good News about Protests.

Creative and clowning people take with wind out of hateful marches.


This is an amazing story about what activists can do when faced with an tenable situation and people of good conscience.

The alt-right continues to cancel rallies—this time in San Francisco.  Counter-protesters showed up anyway, prepared with the most creative defense, and held a dance party procession featuring a special guest.

Several white supremacists involved in far-right rallies were arrested, including a member of the KKK who shot at a black counter-protester; two of the men who assaulted Deandre Harris in a parking garage; and a notorious white supremacist who assaulted people in Berkeley. We’re grateful to Shaun King for his work identifying some of these men and calling for justice.

coalition of students, faith groups, and other groups began their march from Charlottesville to DC to confront white supremacy, and counterprotesters outnumbered racists 70-to-1 at a rally to protect a Confederate monument in Knoxville, Tennessee.


Good News for Women and minorities!

Despite Trump’s rollback of equal pay rules, the truth will out.

Good news: Kandace Washington, who was being held in jail without a conviction and is 7.5 months along in a high-risk pregnancy, has been released on bond! MomsRising is asking for those of us with the means to help contribute towards the $1,100 in court and jail fees. We can read more about Kandace’s story and donate at MomsRising.

Federal judge blocks Texas from enforcing new anti-abortion restrictions.

A NY judge wants to see more women lawyers, so he made a rule.

Good News for Immigrants!

New York City marched for DACA.

We rallied for DACA here in Oxnard.


Amongst the many speakers, our Congresswoman Julia Brownley.


Sacramento reassures dreamers that federal action won’t change local welcome.

Republican lawmakers implore the president to keep DACA intact.

The TN attorney general has ended his pursuit of canceling DACA program.

Thank to Governor Bruce Rauner for committing Illinois to being a sanctuary state. Immigrants deserve to be treated humanely and to live free from fear. Send “Thank you” postcards to James R. Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph, 16-100, Chicago, IL 60601

Thank to Mayor Sylvester Turner for offering to personally represent for free any immigrants facing deportation after seeking help during Hurricane Harvey. Send “Thank you” postcards to  ℅ City of Houston, P.O. Box 1562, Houston, TX 77251

The father whose ICE arrest was taped by his crying daughter Fatima has been reunited with his family and his deportation order was dismissed. His lawyer described Fatima’s decision to record and share the video: “It was an act of resistance, and I’m hopeful that more people will do that. In a democracy, we need people to speak out when they see injustice.”


Good News for Justice

The cop involved in arresting a Utah nurse who was protecting her patient’s rights  is now under criminal investigation. His mansplaining buddy who aided and abetted this unlawful arrest should be too. Once again, a good video turned out to be important.

Mueller’s team is working with NY AG Schneiderman on Manafort investigation.

Good news for the Environment!

As a coal plant closes, the Navajo Nation goes solar.


Innovative ways of farming in a world with a changing climate

A newly released study on the monetary benefits of renewable energy.

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has published a new interactive map that displays every wind farm and factory in American.

A continued conservation win!  The California condor returns to western Sierras.


Another successful reintroduction: otters move into Chicago!


Indiana’s successful osprey reintroduction program hit a milestone this summer when one of the ospreys originally introduced more than a decade ago was spotted.

A mama lion nursed a leopard kitten she came across.


SOMETHING COOL TO DO: Help scientists make a map of streams in the US by taking a photo when you see one and uploading it with location information.  That’s it!

Good News in Elections

A Democrat won in Fairfax Country, Virginia. Although tchnically it was just for a school board seat, but a lot more was going on.

Good News in Politics

Evangelical students are returning their university diplomas to protest Trump.

Judge defends freedom of the press, tosses Sarah Palin’s lawsuit against the New York Times.

Gorka is out, whether he resigned or was fired. Who cares! Fill in your POTUS bingo card. Click here for a new card. (Note: blocked confirmations count as fired. Attentive Some of the squares will say “replacement.” That square is meant to be crossed off if two people have left the same post. For example, if Jeff Sessions ends up resigning or being fired over his connections to Russia, and whomever replaces him is also fired at some point, then you would cross off “Replacement Sessions.” The replacements are obviously a little harder to get, but potentially worth twice the laughs. Click here for more rules.)


Tomorrow is Labor Day. Labor Day started with a march.


In 1882, thousands of workers risked their jobs taking the day off to march for our eight hour day. “Eight Hours for Work, Eight Hours for Rest, Eight Hours for What We will” . In honor of the sacrifice these workers repeatedly made against violent reprisals from armed mercenaries and the risk they took breaking in “sedition” laws, we’re asking that you go and enjoy your day off without patronizing companies that make their employees work. It’s time for us to stand in solidarity with others so everyone can spend time with family and friends.

Here’s a list of other progressive achievements that were fought for. Feel free to read it out loud as necessary.


Lori Hutcherson has a website called Good Black News that is dedicated solely to publishing the positive things black people do.  In this editorial she responds to a friend’s opinion on white privilege:  Let’s use her insight to improve our own lives and help our friends understand, too.
Hilarious for us progressive types… “Margaret and Helen. Best Friends for Sixty Years and Counting.” They may on the elderly side, but at least they’re not confused as to who was the President during Katrina.
How to shoot a great video that will help your cause and check out Indivisible’s new training doc with fresh tips from journalists on how to get more coverage by building great media relationships.

(Thanks to Rogan’s List, Jen Hofmann, Allison and Stephanie and all the good people who share across the vast internet sea.)

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