Take a moment to thank Patagonia.

Patagonia, our world-famous Ventura outdoor clothing company, has been in the news lately.  Rose Marcario, the CEO, has stated: “We’re watching the Trump administration’s actions very closely and preparing to take every step necessary, including legal action, to defend our most treasured public landscapes from coast to coast.”

YAY! Go, Patagonia!

Meanwhile, Breitbart News has been publishing negative articles here and here on Patagonia’s environmental actions as well as their other charitable endeavors, including a substantial donation to Planned Parenthood. This has unleashed screaming hordes of angry callers to flood their phone lines.

So,  Indivisians…

Take a moment this week to call Patagonia (805-643-8616) and thank them for their environmental leadership and their support of Planned Parenthood. They could certainly use a few kind words about now.

4 thoughts on “Take a moment to thank Patagonia.

  1. Thank you for all you do! Don’t let them tear us down. Stronger together!

    Keep fighting the good fight!!

    We support you!


  2. Thank you Patagonia for supporting democracy. From Linda. I am a member of Indivisible NBTX (New Braunfels Texas) and 21TX Indivisible.


  3. Patagonia, thank you for your courage to stand up for environmental protection, vital healthcare for women, social justice and all that you do to promote a more just world and healthier home for all of us.


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