Today’s Action Plan – Call Senators Harris and Feinstein Requesting Town Halls (Action 1 of 3)

It’s time to call out Senators Harris and Feinstein on their missing town halls.

Call them! Today and tomorrow. Sample script and more info below.

Feinstein Contacts:
(202) 224-3841 DC
(310) 914-7300 LA
(415) 393-0707 SF
(619) 231-9712 SD
(559) 485-7430 Fresno

Harris Contacts:
(202) 224-3553 DC
(213) 894 – 5000 LA
(916) 448 – 2787 Sac
(916) 448 – 2787 Fresno
(415) 355 – 9041 SF
(619) 239 – 3884 SD


Where on earth has your Member of Congress (or in our case, “members”) gone?

Something strange has been happening in the last month or so: Members of Congress (MoCs) from all over the country are going missing.

They’re still turning up for votes on Capitol Hill, and they’re still meeting with lobbyists and friendly audiences back home—but their public event schedules are mysteriously blank. Odd.

Maybe your MoC doesn’t have any public events yet, but just needs a little (or a lot) of prodding—hearing a strong message from a group of constituents could convince them.

Here’s how to make that ask:

Ask a very clear question. “When is your next town hall or public meeting?”
You want to get either a definite time and place or a definite acknowledgment that one hasn’t been scheduled.

If the response you get is “We’re working on scheduling one” or “Check back later,” they may be hoping you’ll think that’s good enough—it isn’t. Ask when they’ll know, and if you’ll be notified.

Be firm that you believe this a non-negotiable part of your MoC’s job.

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