What to do for Breonna now.

  • (Numbered actions from SURJ)
  • ACTION ONE: Contact Kentucky’s Attorney General to Demand Transcript Release
    Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron handed down a decison from the Grand Jury that indicted one of Breonna’s killers, not for her murder, but for firing into a neighbor’s apartment. https://wfpl.org/breonna-taylor-family-lawyer-to-cameron-release-the-transcript/
    • Demand that the Attorney General’s office release the transcript and let the community know who was interviewed, who testified, and what information was used to come to this outrageous decision exonerating the police officers who killed Breonna.
      Call (502) 696-5300
      Enter written comment using this form: https://ag.ky.gov/Contact-Us/Pages/default.aspx
  • ACTION TWO:  Contact Mayor to Fire Officers and Defund the Police
    A core demand of Breonna’s family is that the officers who killed Breonna be fired. While one of the involved officers has lost his job, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer continues to refuse to fire the other police officers responsible for Breonna’s murder.
    • Call Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer and tell him to fire the officers who killed Breonna Taylor and why this matters to you.  Call on him to shift funding from over policing Black and Brown communities to addressing community needs in Louisville like affordable housing, mental health services, youth programs and other efforts that are about life, not death. 502 574-2003 (between hours of 9am and 5pm EST to leave a message) or fill in this form for a public record of your concerns. https://louisvilleky.gov/government/mayor-greg-fischer/contact-mayors-office
  • ACTION THREE:  Stop Police Repression of Protests
    The day after the Attorney General’s decision was released, the police targeted State Representative Attica Scott, http://atticascott4ky.com the only Black woman in the Kentucky State Legislature, and the lead sponsor of legislation to ban no knocks warrants, known as Breonna’s Law.  Police charged her, her 19 year old daughter Ashanti, Shameka Parrish Wright, and other leaders of the over 122 days of protest, with felony riot charges as they tried to assist other protesters seeking sanctuary in a church. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/09/25/breonna-taylor-protest-scott-arrest/
  • ACTION FOUR:  Help Pass Breonna’s Law
    Support the passage of legislation to end No Knock Warrants, something issued by a judge and used by police to burst in on Breonna and her partner Kenneth Walker without alerting them, and resulting in her death. Read the law here  https://apps.legislature.ky.gov/record/21rs/prefiled/BR22.html
  • Sign this petition demanding the following:
    • The Mayor and City Council address the use of force by LMPD.
    • Fire and revoke the pensions of the officers that murdered Breonna. Arrest, charge, and convict them for this crime.
    • Provide all necessary information to a local, independent civilian community police accountability council #CPAC.
    • Create policy for transparent investigation process due to law enforcement misconduct. 
    • Drop all charges for Kenneth Walker, Breonna’s boyfriend, who attempted to defend them and their home. [DEMAND MET]
    • Release the 911 call to the public for accountability. [DEMAND MET]
    • Eliminate No Knock warrants
  • Post about Breonna: Follow instructions in the petition share it on your social media (the petition provides links). 
  • Call/Email: Contact the investigative agencies, institutions and individuals in charge and repeat the demands listed in the petition. The contact information is provided in the petition.
  • Donate: 
  • Read this statement from Black Lives Matter.
  • Read this statement from NAACP.
  • Read this statement from Movement For Black Lives

Here’s a  history and guide for actions to take now. #HS4B #Sayhername #resignfischer #Blacklivesmatter