What to do for Breonna.

Update 9/2/2020: The sage continues as the news breaks that Louisville police tried to bribe Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend with a plea deal to implicate her in an “organized crime syndicate” in exchange for probation…and all the police walking away from what they did to her.

Do a 1-day fast for Breonna:

Facebook link here. The hunger strike that began in mid-July to publicize the demand that officers involved in the police shooting of Breonna Taylor be fired and stripped of their pensions, has finally ceased after 25 days.

Although the hunger strikers have concluded their own own fast after 25 days, they are inviting others from across the country to participate in a Rolling Hunger Strike for Breonna. If you are in a faith community or any other group, invite people to this commitment with the signup. All of us can do what we can to be present and engaged until we see justice.Sign up for 1-day slots for fasting and communicating the message with your social media here.

Fasting involves making room for awareness and taking the sufferings and hungers of others into ourselves. Fasting is a time-honored form of spiritual centering and a way to “feel” and center more empathy and compassion for the injustice and oppression experienced by Black and brown people in our society, particularly with policing and the justice system.  So it is also a profoundly political act of resistance.

Make a call:

Minimal Script: Hello, my name is [___].  [(if true) – “I am a constituent of Mayor Fischer’s.”) I would like to leave a comment for the mayor about finding justice for Breonna Taylor. I am supporting the hunger strikers for Breonna [by being a part of a continuing rolling fast for Breonna]. Your office never responded to their 25 days of fasting. We amplify their demand that mayor Fischer use his full power to fire Brett Hankison, Myles Cosgrove and Johnathon Mattingly.   ***please use this script as is or add your own reasons for supporting this demand and the hunger strikers. Let’s make sure the mayor’s office knows we are in this fight for Breonna for the long haul!*** More information below…

Sign a petition along with 10 million others:

This petition for Breonna now has 10,928,434 signatures. Please add yours.

Here’s a  history and guide for actions to take now. #HS4B #NoJusticeNoFeast #Sayhername #resignfischer #Blacklivesmatter