Wendy Vitter



Wendy Vitter is such a horrible nominee, we gave her her own post, so deep dive here. She is as full of fake science concepts as the anti-vaccine extremists when it suits her anti-abortion agenda. For example, she champions baseless theories linking abortion and contraception to cancer and infertility. She won’t even say her opinion on Brown vs. Board of Education decision out loud. (See our section on the Federalist Society and racist dog-whistling at the bottom) She has stated anti-immigrant views and has worked in a DA’s office which was accused of multiple instances of unconstitutional behavior. The American Bar Association, which evaluates candidates for the federal bench, rated Vitter with its lowest “qualified” rating, with a minority of those who participated in the process rated her as “unqualified.” We’ve even made a reading list for her.

  • Trump wants Wendy Vitter, who thinks Planned Parenthood killed 150000 women a year to be a federal judge (Mother Jones)
  • Wendy Vitter won’t say if she supports Brown vs. Board of Education (time)
  • In a field of terrible judicial nominees, Wendy Vitter is exceptionally unfit (the hill)
  • Trump’s Latest Judicial Nominee Once Promoted Literature That Claims the Pill Causes ‘Violent Death’ (the slot)
  • A judge pick who won’t back landmark Brown case is unacceptable (CNN)
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