Specific State issues: 

Alaska: Alaska Sen. Murkowski signals support for the GOP tax plan, which would put thousands of Alaskans at risk of losing health coverage (KTUU)

Maine: Low- and middle-income Mainers are counting on Sen. Collins to protect their access to health care again and vote ‘no’ on the GOP tax plan (pressherald)(nbcnews)

Ohio: Ohioans will pay the price for Republicans’ bill aimed at funding tax cuts to the rich (PolicyMattersOhio)

Medical/Health Care issues: 

Silence from health care “leaders” in the White House during open enrollment is eveidence of their goal to sabotage the ACA. (TheDailyBeast)

Just days after voting for the tax bill, GOP leaders are already breaking promises made to Sen. Collins in exchange for her “YES” vote. (NewYorkMagazine)

Collins is being played. House Freedom Caucus chair refuses to back reinsurance while other House conservatives voice displeasure with Alexander-Murray (TheHill)

Sneaky Repeal would allow the proliferation of skimpy health plans that often don’t cover basic needs and leave consumers mired in debt (NYTimes)

GOP tax bill will end cancer treatment for Medicare patients (TheDailyKos)

CBO: The GOP tax plan would cause 13 million more Americans to be uninsured, EVEN if bipartisan stabilization and reinsurance bills are also enacted.(cnbc)

To fund tax cuts for the rich, Congress is cutting a tax credit that helped patients with rare diseases access innovative, affordable treatments (npr)

Destroying Healthcare for 13 Million (VOX)

Slashing Medicare and Social Security to Pay for Tax Cuts (atlantic)

The GOP tax bill will exacerbate income inequality that, in turn, will have significant repercussions on people’s health and the health care system (atlantic)

Desperate for Coverage: Are short-term Plans better than none at all? (KHN.org)

A Dental Visit Can Cost You, But A Delay Can Hurt Your Teeth And Budget Even More (WaPo)

Economic Issues:

GOP tax plan will reduce American Competitiveness (EPI)

As the #TrumpTaxScam gained steam, GOP lost focus on the middle class…(WaPo)

The US senate accidentally killed the key R&D tax credit for businesses. (quartz)

Experts warn of negative unintended consequences of last-minute provisions added to the GOP tax bill. (Politico)

The New Tax Bill will make Americans less healthy – and that’s bad for the Economy. (ChicagoTribune)

Cutting Corporate Taxes Will Not Boost American Wages. (EPI)

Environmental Issues:

Trashing the Environment to Pay for Tax Cuts (indivisible)

GOP tax bill would end deduction for wildfire and earthquake victims, but not recent hurricane victims. (LATimes)

Educational Issues:

Ending Innovation by Destroying Higher Education

Medicaid Issues:

The tax bill’s vistory in the Senate sets the stage for Republican leadership to go after Medicaid and CHIP funding next. (TheHill)

GOP Medicaid Work Rules Imperil Care For Opioid Abusers (politico)

CHIPS’s uncertainty in Congress reveals why transitioning Medicaid to a block grant system could be a disaster. (Wapo)

Senior Citizen Issues:

AARP: 5.2 million seniors could see taxes increased by GOP bill (theHill)

Veteran’s Issues:

Attacking Programs that Help Veterans (prnewswire)

Social Safety-Net programs:

GOP eyes cut to social safety-net programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Sociall Security to pay for their deficit. (WaPo)

States’ Rights Issues:

This tax bill shows yet again that the GOP is only concerned about State’s Rights when it serves their purposes. (HuffPo)

General issues – Greed, etc…: 

Charts: See How much of the GOP tax cuts will go to the middle class (NPR)

Only the Top 1% (and Trump) will Benefit. (npr)

Exploding the Deficit by $1.5 Trillion (VOX)

Cutting the Estate Tax Will Not Save Family Farms but Will Make Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric Richer. (politifact)

Ending Charitable Giving (money.cnn)

Billions to Foreign Businesses but Not to Americans (NYT)

Modeling the Failed Kansas Experiment (npr)

The $4000-$9,000 Lie to Middle Class Families (npr)(theguardian)

Alternate Minimum Tax and Estate Tax Giveaways (NYT)

Eliminate State and Local Tax Deduction (NYT)