Safety first. We can do this.

Great article: “Here’s how I avoided all viral illness after my bone marrow transplant, and how you can too.”


How to clean: While the bad news is that the Coronavirus can live on surfaces and packages, the good news is that it is fairly easy to kill with alcohol-based cleaners and diluted hydrogen peroxide.  MIT researchers tell us,  “In a February review of what’s already known about this type of virus, Germanresearchers said that within a minute of cleaning a surface, a million viral particles can be reduced to 100, likely reducing the risk of infection.

Cell phones:  Our cell phones are germ carriersUse your phone speaker when we can and keep our phones clean too – click here and here.

Our homes and objects:

  • From Wired here.
  • Vox here.
  • From CDC here.
  • CDC-approved cleaning products here.
  • How to do laundry, especially if you use public facilities.

STAY SAFE WHILE GROCERY SHOPPING: From googling to find our stores least busy hours, staying at least 6 feet away from other people,  to cleaning up before, during and after, there are many ways we can protect ourselves from the Coronavirus while shopping for groceries. Check out this Consumer Reports article for steps to staying safe while grocery shopping

This is a very detailed methodology for groceries. Some say it’s too much.

HOW TO WASH OUR HANDS: The World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins Medical School show us the best hand-washing technique to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus. Watch and learn, and share with your networks:  

This is a great visual on how hard it is to get every surface!