I-90 Application form

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We’re liking this video for filing the I-90.

  • The application is online here. The instructions he talks about are here.
  • The Interviewer help the applicant fill out the Citizenship Fair waiver form
  • Both the Preparer and the Interviewer can work together to fill out the Citizenship Fair intake form
  • Your applicant may be eligible for the I-912 Fee Waiver. See Filling out a I-912 fee waiver or a I-942 fee reduction app.
  • When you’ve finished the form with the applicant, use this worksheet to be sure you have all the necessary parts and items to be copied, and that they are arranged in the correct order.
  • Your applicant may need assistance on correctly filling out their check to the USCIS. You can give them this explainer from the front desk. Filling out a check to USCIS