Free “SWAP MEET JUSTICE” Immigration Legal Aid Fairs – Volunteers Needed!

You do not need to be a lawyer. You do not need to speak another language. However, all bilingual skills are appreciated.

Someday, someone you’ve helped will be in a video like this…

…which they will proudly show their kids and grandkids and retell their origin story of how they became an American. As completely 100% an American as anybody else.

If you’ve never watch Ronald Reagan’s astonishing last speech as president, reminding his listeners that immigration is “the great life force of each generation of new Americans…” watch it here. (Quick timeline of the history of immigration here.)

It happens every last Sunday of the month!

When: 8am-3pm, 8/25, 9/29, 10/27, 11/24, and 12/29. You may come for a shorter amount of time, but please come at 8:30 for new volunteer orientation. We also don’t start new applications after 1:30 or 2:00, so we can finish in time for the marketplace’s closing.

Where: Oxnard College Marketplace & Swap Meet (see map below and directions below)

Would you like to volunteer?

  • New volunteer training: We ask first-time volunteers to be join us for a quick lesson on how to fill out the forms at 8:30 – 9:30
  • You need to be detail-oriented, good with paperwork, have legible handwriting and willing to accept instruction from the immigration professionals amongst us.
  • You do not need to speak another language, but we appreciate all bilingual volunteers. Not all applicants speak Spanish, but many at the Oxnard  College Swap meet do. We will team up volunteers to best help each applicant.
  • You do not need to be a lawyer. You will be trained to fill in the required paperwork, and a lawyer checks all our work. We have an orientation at 8:30 to run new volunteers through the forms.
  • You do not need to be a citizen or an adult. Motivated teenagers would be most welcome.
  • You do need to be patient, kind and willing to smile. Sometime the forms take a couple of hours to get through, even with a couple of volunteers working on them together.


One of the things we’ve discovered since the last presidential election is how much can be accomplished by regular concerned citizens. We also realize how lucky we are that our forebears, leaving behind starvation, desperate poverty or persecution, were able to come to America and start again.

Therefore, we decided to do something hands-on to share a little of our own good fortune to help the newest immigrants in our community.

Join us, local Indivisible groups, amazing immigration attorneys, El Concilio, SEIU, CLUE and volunteers from everywhere, as we help people work through the government forms required to maintain or improve their legal status. Even to become American citizens. And voters! For free. On Sundays. At least once a month.

What do we do?

  • We help people with qualifying permanent residency (green) cards fill out the application to become citizens, and VOTERS! Three people have already become citizens since SEIU started these fairs. This is truly life-changing stuff and it just doesn’t get better than that.
  • We help also DACA recipients maintain their status and get aid to pay the every-2-year fee of $495 if necessary, along with asking our legislators to provide a path to citizenship for these amazing and hardworking students and workers.
  • We’re now helping with green card renewals and Selective Service applications.
  • We will also register voters.

Share this information with people who need it!

Citizenship: If you know someone who’s had their permanent residency card (green card) for 5 years, or for 3 years if they’re married to a U.S. citizen, tell them to get their citizenship application done for free, with trained volunteers and volunteer lawyers at either fair on the flyer below. Saturday 7/27 and Sunday 7/28.

Citizenship, DACA and Green Card Renewals: Tell them to get their citizenship, DACA and green card renewal applications done for free, with trained volunteers and volunteer lawyers at Swap Meet Justice on Sunday 7/28. (See flyer below for details)

Citizenship for those who can’t speak English well: An applicant can apply for citizenship in their own language if:

  • If the applicant is 50 or older, and has had their green card for 20 years or more.
  • If the applicant is 55 or older, and has had their green card for 15 years or more.
  • If the applicant is 65 or older, and has had their green card for 20 years or more.

Would you like to help with advertising this fair?
We need to have posters placed on as many public bulletin boards (libraries, cafeterias, schools, stores, laundromats, apartment laundry rooms, etc.) as possible and double-sided hand-outs placed on counters where the public can find them. Graphic links are at the bottom.

Help fund this activity.
This fair is staffed by volunteers, but uses an huge amount of printing ink, paper, and office supplies. We would be honored by any donations to help us continue this project here.

Where is the Oxnard College Swap Meet? And when I get there, where do I go?

From 101-South:
Take the Rose Ave. exit, EXIT 61
Turn right onto N Rose Ave.
Turn left onto North Campus Road

From 101-North:
Take the Rose Ave. exit, EXIT 61
Turn left onto N Rose Ave.
Turn left onto North Campus Road

oxnard campus

By choosing to attend this event, you are committing to participate nonviolently and in accordance with the law, to work to de-escalate confrontations with others, and to obey the orders of authorized event marshals and of law enforcement. You also acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any injury or damage to your person or property resulting from or occurring during this event and that you release all event sponsors and organizers (and their officers, directors, employees, and agents) from any liability for that injury or damage.

Resources to share.

Share this link for the online version of the FTC’s great booklet on the dangers of using notarios in the U.S. for any kind of immigration service. (Shown below is the cover. These great booklets can be ordered for free in large quantities from


Graphic links to flyers to print out and share.

(Each type of handout is provided in both jpg and pdf format below. Jpgs are set for minimum margin printing. Pdfs are set for “standard” or “minimum margins”.  Experiment – every printer is slightly different.)

Downloadable/Printable flyer here – Sept. citizenship fairs

September fairs

1/2 sheet handouts (2 per page)

These jpegs can be printed out on minimum margins. Top two for manual flipping, bottom for printers that can be automatically set to print 2 sides.
Fronts (jpg):

1:2 sheet cartoon - front

Backs (jpg):1:2 sheet cartoon - back

Mixed – Front/Back (jpg):

1:2 sheet cartoon - mixed.jpg

PDFs: Here are pdfs from the same thing, but set for standard margins (landscape mode). 1:2 sheet cartoon – front1:2 sheet cartoon – back1:2 sheet cartoon – mixed

Poster with pull-off tabs (cut vertical dotted lines, pull off one tab & post)

Color Poster (jpg):

DACA SIGN - color.jpg

Black and White Poster (jpg):



1/4 sheet handouts (4 per page)

English front (jpg):

1:4 sheet - English front.jpg

Spanish front/back (jpg):

1:4 sheet - Spanish front.jpg

Spanish back (jpg):

1:4 sheet - Spanish back

PDFs: 1:4 sheet – English front,   1:4 sheet – Spanish front,   1:4 sheet – Spanish back