Extra normal Swap meet materials

Resources to print out and share!

Citizenship Fair – Graphic links to flyers to print out and share.

This is the normal map when the pandemic’s over.

oxnard campus

Download here.

1/2 sheet bilingual handouts (2 per page)

Downloadable/Printable flyer:  These are half-sheet, double-sided flyers. Download front side here.

Swap meet flyer new front.jpeg

Download back side here. Cut sheets in half vertically after printing.

Swap meet flyers - BACK.jpeg

1/2 sheet FAQ handouts for Spanish speakers (2 per page)

These are half-sheet, double-sided flyers.
Download front side here.

1:2 sheet heads - front.jpg

Download back side here.  Cut sheets in half vertically after printing.

1:2 sheet heads - back