Example Comments for Off-shore Drilling Action

Sample Comment here (mutate, shorten, add your own thoughts):
I am deeply disappointed in your proposal for the largest expansion of offshore drilling ever. In 2016, over 3.3 million people submitted public comments opposing the 2017 to 2022 draft plan, and thousands of people attended public meetings to show their support for protecting our oceans, coasts, and climate.

The draft proposal for 2019 to 2024 completely ignores what the public overwhelmingly supports — no offshore drilling. This decision also flies in the face of permanent protections that exist for the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans: protections that people like me support and that must remain in place to protect American waters, communities, and wildlife.

The previous administration did not propose drilling in the Pacific Ocean due to the steadfast opposition of western coastal states. Proposals for drilling in the Atlantic and the Arctic oceans were also dropped due to overwhelming opposition. This is true even in Republican-led states, like North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, where 90% of coastal cities passed resolutions against offshore drilling and/or seismic testing. Similarly, Shell gave up its plans to pursue oil in the Arctic because of the strong public opposition, extreme costs, risks, and difficulty of doing so.

It simply doesn’t make sense to go against the public will and pursue a 2019 to 2024 offshore oil lease plan. Please protect our oceans and coastlines from new offshore oil development.