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Beau of the Fifth Column

Watch or read the transcript. Sen. Raphael Warnock’s first speech on the Senate floor inspires the chamber to a standing ovation

Wednesday 03/17/21 – Jaquita Wilson on Atlanta slayings.

This is interesting: “An odd provision  the American Rescue Plan Act that President Biden signed yesterday deems that anyone who receives any unemployment insurance income this year will be deemed to have income of no more than 133% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), qualifying them for a free silver plan in the ACA marketplace. 

Silver plans at that income come with the highest Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR), raising the plans actuarial value to 94%, which translates to an average deductible of about $200 and an average cap on annual out-of-pocket costs of about $1100. The plan is free because ARPA zeroes out premiums for a benchmark silver plan at incomes up to 150% FPL.

ACLU – How do we End Racism in Policing?

The ACLU has changed it’s mind! Instead of focusing on making police departments better, they are now firmly on the side of divesting functions, power and responsibilities from police departments and tranferring them to life-giving non-police-dependent alternatives. This video covers qualified immunity, police union influence, and use of force standards, as well as the big questions on how we can stop police from being such an outsized presence in Black communities. One example of redirection – the changeover from police transport of medical emergencies to ambulances, which took place in the 1960’s. Share all these resources with your friends and family, along with the ACLU’s series of short videos called “100 Years of Racism in Policing.

Today’s video: Trump-ublicans are the Modern Confederates: Let’s not repeat 150-year old mistakes.

Link here. “Shadow President Trump, Cruz, Hawley, McCarthy, the Qanon congresswomen, etc – are the cultural reincarnations of the civil war confederates the union let off the hook 150 short years ago. We cannot afford to make the same mistakes. And the words of Frederick Douglass are ever more urgent.

147 Congress members committed treason when they voted to overthrow our democracy…Those 147 traitors who made every effort to subvert, stir, move and incite insurrection and rebellion against our country must be expelled from public office, tried and convicted in a court of law. Their sponsors, enablers and promoters must all face boycotts, and cancellations and be hauled into court on charges of sedition.

For the millions of descendants of African slaves and the survivors of Native American holocaust, for every citizen of our migrant nation, who believes in equality for all people, “It is for you to teach them that those who sow the wind must reap the whirlwind, that clemency and mercy to them would be cruelty and murder to the innocent and unborn.” In the words of Frederick Douglass, “If this was is to be forgotten, I ask in the name of all things sacred, what shall men remember? We must never forget that victory to the rebellion meant death to the Republic.”


1. Comparing BLM and capitol riots
2. MLK TAUGHT US: how to overcome racism and poverty 
3. ROOSEVELT SHOWED US: how to defeat fascism and inequality 
4. LINCOLN DEMONSTRATED: how to create a stimulus pkg
5. PRESIDENT JOHNSON failed to prosecute Robert E. Lee

This history is so important to know – and generally not shared in proper context in schools due to pressure and suppression from an anti-culture that is not sustainable and never was. The power and clarity derived from understanding these major events during the Civil War, WW2 and the civil rights movements cannot be over overstated. Hearing the words of MLK, James Baldwin, Roosevelt directly are healing and instructive on what we must stand for and what must never stand for — as individuals and a nation.” 

(Click on the video link here if the “age restriction” shows)

Watch Party – NAACP leader on the importance of Black History Month

Watch Party – Split Screen/Split Realities: Nonviolent Protests vs. Violent Mobs

Watch Party – “Uninsured and Unhoused – Rep. Cory Bush Advocates Vaccine Education For Our Most Vulnerable”

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