The deficit – “How will we pay for it?” is the wrong question and a “kitchen table budget” is the wrong analogy.

House Republicans are refusing a clean debt limit increase, regardless of the consequences of the U.S. defaulting on its debt. In fact, their new rules package deliberately removed a rule that automatically increased the debt limit to pay what we already owe. They also made rules to protect their rich and corporate donors from paying their fair share in taxes.

Biden, in his State of the Union address, tricked them into backing off of Social Security and Medicare for the moment, but they will demand the sacrifice of other vital programs with their pledge to cut appropriations to 2022 levels. This equals a possible 24% cut to non-defense programs, including “a wide array of public services that the federal government provides and that people and communities depend on, including public health; food safety inspections; air traffic control operations; the administration of Medicare and Social Security; housing and other assistance for families with low incomes; education and job training; and scientific and medical research, to name just a few.”

Ignore any GOP (or Sen. Manchin’s) “kitchen table” comparisons between a nation’s deficit and that of a family’s budget, unless you know someone down the block who mints their own money. Whatever homespun euphemisms they use to hide their historical hatred of anything beyond rapacious capitalism, know that research proves that their proposed solution – austerity measures – are proven dangers to economic recovery.

Action #1: Contact your legislators!

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