“Wake up, America!” #BLM protests & other antiracist, anti-fascist & pro-democratic things to do…

Jan. 23: Biden: “We cannot, will not, let people go hungry.”

“Fierce urgency of right now!” See the discussion here with Senator Nina Turner (starts at 47.22).

Joe Biden discusses two executive orders he’s signing…(The full White House statement is here.)

  • COVID ECONOMIC RELIEF EXECUTIVE ORDER: This order will increase the amount of money poor families get for food each month and provide additional meal money for students whose schools have been closed as a result of the virus. Workers can turn down work in unsafe environments and still be eligible for unemployent. Mr. Biden will also direct the Treasury Department to find ways to deliver stimulus checks to at least eight million Americans who are eligible for money but have not yet received funds. (NYTimes)
  • PROTECTING AND EMPOWERING FEDERAL WORKERS AND CONTRACTORS: This order reverses some of Mr. Trump’s actions related to the federal work force, including one that gave presidents more leeway to hire and fire workers and others that limited some bargaining rights for employees. It additionally requires that federal contractors pay their workers a $15 an hour minimum wage and emergency paid leave benefits. The order would apply to about 4 million workers, according to a Brookings Institution report last year. His legislative relief bill will attempt to extend that minimum wage to all worker.
  • Yesterday he signed the Executive Order on Ensuring the Equitable Pandemic Response and Recovery.


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