Special Screening of “No Room in Paradise,” an outstanding documentary on homelessness

no room

WHEN: Sunday, November 18 – 11:30 am
WHERE: UU Church of Ventura, 5654 Ralston
RSVP: by Nov. 17 to SueBrinkmeyer@earthlink.net
Followed by lunch and discussion

Folks who have worked for years to make sure homelessness in Ventura County is rare, brief, and non-recurring recently watched this movie together.  All agreed it’s the best film on homelessness they had ever seen — and it applies to Ventura County as much as to Hawaii, where it was filmed.

No Room In Paradise (Trailer) from Collective Eye Films on Vimeo.

Summary: The filmmakers spent two years befriending and interviewing representatives of every homeless group — single mothers and their kids, the mentally ill, drug addicts, veterans,  down-on-their-luck transplants — each has a story to tell. As they explain in their own words how they became homeless, they break down barriers of incomprehension and distrust.We also meet the experts and politicians trying to cope with the crisis – and we learn how the current system wastes hundreds of millions of dollars every year just to maintain the status quo.

We see, for example, how the simple need of one homeless man to stay clean enough to be admitted to his regular dialysis treatment causes him to use EMS as his taxi service and the hospital emergency room as his shower facility – leading to a $125,000 a-year bathroom habit.

Review:  This is “…the best documentary on homelessness, both from an emotional and policy point of view. . . . The film does an extraordinary job covering the complexity of the homeless crisis. It demonstrates how much money we waste just maintaining the status quo and how we could reap savings by investing in services and affordable housing. This is a must-see. ”  -Michaela Rinkel, MSW, Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Field Director, Hawai’i Pacific University School of Social Work

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