Phonebanking opportunities – Reach out and energize somebody!

Updated 10/16/18

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Never phonebanked before, or want to brush-up on your skills? Click here.

Action #1 – Phone bank swing state voters with Indivisible national.

Indivisible has shifts available for us to call constituents in Texas, Arizona, Georgia, New York, Washington, Nebraska and Florida, and ask that they urge their senators to oppose Kavanaugh’s nomination. Sign up to phone bank hereand make sure that Kavanaugh does not get confirmed.

The training webinar is on Tues, October 16 
Sign up here.

  • Yes, I’ll join the phonebanking training webinar.
    Tuesday, October 16 at 8pm ETNo, I can’t join
  • Beto O’Rourke, TX-Sen: Tuesday, October 16, 2pm-9pm EST
  • IndivisiCandidate Calls: Beto O’Rourke, TX-Sen:Wed., October 17, 2pm-9pm EST
  • IndivisiCandidate Calls: Anita Malik, AZ-6: Thurs., October 18, 3pm-11pm EST
  • IndivisiCandidate Calls: Stacey Abrams, GA-Gov: Fri., October 19, 2pm-8pm EST
  • IndivisiCandidate Calls: Stacey Abrams, GA-Gov: Sat., October 20, 11am-8pm EST
  • IndivisiCandidate Calls: Diane Mitsch Bush, CO-3: Sun., October 21, 3pm-11pm EST
  • IndivisiCandidate Calls: Antonio Delgado, NY-19: Sun., October 21, 2pm-9pm EST
  • IndivisiCandidate Calls: Beto O’Rourke, TX-Sen: Mon., October 22, 2pm-9pm EST
  • IndivisiCandidate Calls: Andrew Gillum, FL-Gov: Mon., October 22, 2pm-9pm EST
  • IndivisiCandidate Calls: Andrew Gillum, FL-Gov: Tues., October 23, 2pm-9pm EST
  • IndivisiCandidate Calls: Andrew Gillum, FL-Gov: Wed., October 24, 2pm-9pm EST
  • IndivisiCandidate Calls: Liuba Grechen Shirley, NY-2: Thurs., October 25, 2pm-9pm EST
  • IndivisiCandidate Calls: Kim Schrier, WA-8: Thurs., October 25, 4-11pm EST
  • IndivisiCandidate Calls: Dana Balter, NY-24: Fri., October 26, 2pm-9pm EST
  • IndivisiCandidate Calls: Sri Preston Kulkarni, TX-22: Fri., October 26, 2pm-9pm EST
  • IndivisiCandidate Calls: Julie Oliver, TX-25: Sat., October 27, 2pm-9pm EST
  • IndivisiCandidate Calls: Kara Eastman, NE-2: Sat., October 27, 2pm-10pm EST

Action #2 – Phonebank for Planned Parenthood! 14 abortion cases are waiting for SCOTUS to decide

  • Help Planned Parenthood phone bank to stop Kavanaugh FROM YOUR COUCH!! Phonebankers will be calling pro-choice North Dakotans and urging them to tell Senators Heitkamp and Hoeven to stand with North Dakotans and protect privacy in healthcare and the fairness of the Supreme Court.
    All you need is a phone AND headphones with a mic, a tablet, or a laptop, then:
    1. Sign up with ActionID here.
    2. After sign up, in a new tab, go to this link to get started:
    Phone numbers, scripts, and instructions on how to log your conversation are super easy and intuitive.
  • Newly released documents revealed this week that Kavanaugh does not believe Roe v. Wade is settled law — and that the Supreme Court could overturn it. He also referred to birth control as “abortion-inducing drugs” — which is not only wildly inaccurate but is anti-woman, anti-science propaganda.
  • There are 14 abortion cases that he could rule on right away, should he get confirmed.

We simply cannot let this happen and watch him cast the deciding votes to roll back our constitutional right to abortion. This is the moment to fight with everything we’ve got to #StopKavanaugh.

Action #3 – Join in with MoveOn in these “pick any time” phonebank campaigns

Lauren Baer, Haley Stevens, Conor Lamb,  Liuba Grechen Shirley, Andy Kim, Kara Eastman,  Dan Feehan, Dana Balter, and Diane Mitsch Bush need your help.

If you speak Spanish, Gina Ortiz Jones needs your help.

Go here to join in.

Action #4 – Help swing Nevada with Indivisible East Bay and Indivisible Northern Nevada!

  • The awesome news is that our canvass effectiveness is at the top rate for all canvasses happening in the country. That is thanks to the work you all and your teams did to make those doors real.
  • The stunning news is that East Bay ran out of numbers to call at their last phone bank because they are just that organized and amazing!  So, we are creating a new micro targeted call link to start clearing the areas we expect to be hitting mid-October which are locations we never expected to reach in person out now our heads a puffed up and we want to cover all these doors too.
  • Step #1 Here is a link to a 13 minute training video that reviews the goals of the call and walks you through the process.
  • Step # 2 Get a van ID.  You will use this to log in to the virtual phone bank.
  • Set up account ahead of time here.
    Step # 3 Review the attached talking points document.
  • Here is the information on Nevada-specific issues you need to know.
  • Remember you can adapt the particular words you use to identify the issue that motivates a voter and make a call as to which way they lean. If in doubt, place in the MAYBE bucket.
  • Step #4  It’s your call, but probably more voters will pick up if you get a  775 number, our local area code here.  Instructions on how to get a free Google Voice number here.
  • Here is the number: 1F1DB2A-827067
  • And here is the phonebanking link:
  • And here again are our grateful hugs at you and your teams.
  • Vivian and Laynette