Making gowns for Ventura County

Gown Brigade update.

gown brigade

For those new to the Gown Brigade – Welcome! Today, we had our first drop off shipment at Gina’s. With 12,000 trash bags, that’s a lot of ironing.  So glad we have an army of community sewing and ironing for our community safety. The message is clear, in Ventura County, we are not ok with sitting around not having basic PPE for healthcare or people. Our community has been extremely resourceful and not waiting around for others to fix the problem.

Attached are the  instructions for making the hospital gown from plastic bags. 

Pattern revisions:

  • For those who’ve made these before, there are changes on the cut for the neck area, a new step for the back side of the gown and tie placement.
  • For those that have already cut and assembled gowns, there is a link to a video showing the changes and adapting  instructions for the neckline.

Purchase/donate bags?: The gowns require 55 gallon trash bags that are 1.3 – 1.7 ml thickness and 48-50 inches long. (5) are necessary to follow the instructions below to make (4) gowns. Please ask in your social circles for donations!

Need bags?: For those needing bags, you can pick them up curbside at AFMC Academic Family Medical Center, 300 Hillmont Ave, Ventura. Follow the signs for the curbside COVID testing and let them know you are there to pick up plastic bags to make PPE gowns. Someone will bring them to you. Make sure you give your name. Please note: some of the bags are black.


Sheila Raives has done a fabulous job providing the videos below with some great suggestions. A special thank you to her and her husband for a job well done! Thank you to Tim Weisberg for your help with the videos!

  • Gown Supplies Needed: Video here.
  • Changes with instructions to adapt: Video here.
  • Cutting Sleeves: Video here.
  • Joining the sleeve with iron or heat lamp:  Video here.
  • Fusing sleeves to gown body: Video here.
  • Cutting the Back of the Gown: Video here.
  • Attaching the ties and cutting the thumb hole on sleeves: Video here.
  • Gown Final Steps: Video here.

PATTERN/INSTRUCTIONS – Downloadable/printable instructions here. Drop-off information for finished gowns at the bottom.

1 instructctions

2 materials needed

3 joining

gown brigade

4 - cutting

5 - cutting


7 joinging

8 backside



11 - quality control

DROP-OFF LOCATIONS – We now have two locations for finished products!

  • West County (leave on the front porch)
    765 Saratoga Avenue
    Ventura, CA 93003
  • East County (leave on the front patio – reach over gate to open)
    891 Rowland Ave
    Camarillo CA 93010

Thank you for all that you are doing in making a difference for our Health Care Heroes and for continuing to help us protect one another, especially since we have a shelter safe at home order until May 15th.  We need to continue to have healthy outlets where we can stay connected to one another.

Gown Brigade Team

Amy Towner
Lizeth Barretto
Nancy Lee Phillips