Indivisible Ventura’s postcard campaigns

OMG, this picture feels like it was taken so long ago. We are so glad we can meet again!

Indivisible Ventura’s postcard parties are back!


  • Where: TBD
  • Address: TBD
  • When: Thursday, January 20 at 11:30am (Please check back to confirm this date, COVID could change things)
  • COVID protocol: Indoor event. Due to health concerns of our regular postcarders, we are requiring that all participants that wish to write on site be vaxxed, masked, and comfortable – or you may pick up a packet, stamps, and a slice or two to write from home.
  • Donations gratefully accepted!

Donations gratefully accepted. Feel free to bring your own stamps.

Hope to see you there!

– Indivisible Ventura

If you’d like to write postcards from home

Please let me know if you want any cards, how many, and whether you need stamps.  I will get the cards out on my porch ASAP. 

Resist every damn day – Debby

Contact me and get involved at

Current Postcard Campaigns

Senate Swing States

We’re writing postcards to first-time Democratic voters in six states with key Senate races in 2022; Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.  We’ll be sending these voters three postcards each over the course of 2021, to make sure Democrats stay engaged and make voting a habit.  Rather than asking volunteers to commit to sending the same person three cards over this year, it would be based on when you sign up.  There were three time slots for the three waves, but the window has closed on the first and second waves.  Below are the time frames for writing the cards, and the mailing dates, for the third wave.  

September 16 – December 15: Mailing Deadline January 7, 2022. You can participate in one or both of these campaigns.

The message on the postcards will be: 

Thank you for being a voter in 2020!  Democrats delivered relief checks and got vaccines out faster so that we can open schools and businesses.  Please vote in every election so we can build a stronger community!

The Senate swing states list will grow beyond the first six states above if there’s enough volunteer demand.  We’re specifically considering expanding to Colorado, Florida, New Hampshire and Ohio.  In 2022, we’ll likely expand postcard programs to many contested House races as well.

New Jersey & Virginia

(Many of you have gotten cards for the 2nd wave Senate Swing State, and the NJ/VA governors race.  The mail out deadlines for these are Oct 7 and Oct 25 respectively, so you can delay those if you feel you can squeeze in some WV postcards this month.)

Both New Jersey and Virginia have statewide elections coming up for governor.  The postcard campaign for the primary is over, but we will be sending cards to remind Democrats to vote in the general election. 

The message on these cards will be:

Thank you for being a voter!  The general election on Tuesday Nov 2 is important for our community.  Have you made a plan to vote?  Visit (state-specific website) for polling locations and hours.

How to join in!

We will be placing the order for the cards the 2nd week of June. If you are interested in participating in one or both of these campaigns, please let us know, before then. You can reach us at  

We will need the following information;

  1.  If you want to volunteer for the Senate Swing States campaign, please say which of the two time period(s) you want.
  2. Please indicate if you are also interested in the New Jersey/Virginia campaign.
  3. How many cards you want.  Again, please ask for cards in multiples of 25
  4. Whether you need postcard stamps, and if so how many. 
  5. If you need the cards snail-mailed, please state your address. If you live locally and want to collect the cards, let us know, and our postcard director will leave them out on her front porch for collection.

Thanks so much for what you are doing. Together we are really making a difference and having an impact in saving our democracy.