“Wake up, America!” #BLM protests & other antiracist, anti-fascist & pro-democratic things to do…

May 6 – We have so much work to do & nobody’s slowing down…

Say what you will, Senator Scott, but America’s racism is public policy set in wood and concrete, built into our homes, our streets and our neighborhoods. If the short video below inspires you to look further, there are lectures with Richard Rothstein, author of “The Color of Law” here (with EPI) and here (with Ta-Nehisi Coates).

New video from Black Voters Matter

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NOW, IT’S OUR TURN…Actions you can take that make a difference.

  • America hurts its kids. It’s time to stop. “YES” on H.R. 1234 – Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act. Here.
  • May Day! Support American workers. “YES” on the PRO Act. Here
  • Tucker Carlson is just a symptom. We are the cure. Here.
  • Three Actions for Earth Day – updated for failure of SB 467: Here.
  • Tell your legislators to take action on plastic pollution now. (3) actions. Here.
  • 5 Environmental Actions – from the president’s desk to our own backyards. Here.
  • “YES” on legislation to stop police from choking Black people to death. Here.
  • Joe’s actions are a great start. Now let’s pass some commonsense federal and state gun bills! Here.
  • Ask our legislators to support the THRIVE Agenda! Here
  • Tell your senators to pass the H.R. 1620 – the Violence Against Women Act! Here.
  • We all have choices. Choose not to support corporate-funded voter suppression in GA. Here
  • The filibuster is unconstitutional. Pass it on. Here.
  • Tell your SENATOR. to cosponsor H.R. 6 – The “American Dream and Promise Act.” Here.
  • DC Statehood is in the HOUSE! Pile on! YES on H.R.51/S.51! Here.
  • State campsite rule: Clean up our own voter suppression messes and get H.R.1/S.1 – “For the People Act” passed. Here.
  • The “H.R. 1/S.1 – For the People Act” is now in the Senate! Call your senators and join in the outreach campaigns! Here.
  • “This is a democracy issue!” Call out corporations who fund voter suppression. Here.
  • Watch Party videos here.

Events/Actions happening today/ this weekend!

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; It must be demanded by the oppressed.” ~ MLK

  • We’re putting up information on local protests and actions by others we’re finding from informal sources. These listings are not endorsements nor guarantees as to time/place/type of protest or participant safety. Events can and have already been cancelled without notice.
  • For protests, be prepared and peaceful: know your rights and remember there’s still a pandemic. Download the ACLU app onto your phone, bring water, hats, MASKS, hand sanitizer, etc…
  • HELP WANTED: Help your fellow Venturans! – Volunteer and donation sites in Ventura County.

ANYTIME – ONLINE PETITION- “Santa Clarita teens were victims of a crime, surrounded by armed police.

Petition here. It was 5pm and three adolescent boys were holding their skateboards, waiting for the bus in Santa Clarita, California near Los Angeles. It should have been a normal Friday evening, but then suddenly a man approached the teens, asking if they could provide him with crack cocaine, and then attempting to rob them. Multiple witnesses watched, horrified, as the man suddenly pulled out a knife and a whip and rushed to attack the three boys.

Scrambling to intervene and save their lives, the manager of a local business called the police, asking for help. But when the police arrived, they pointed all their guns — including an AR-15 rifle — on whom? On the teenagers. Because they were Black.

Sign the petition to fire the cops involved and remove all AR-15 weapons from the force!

Thursday 05/6/21 – ONLINE – “National Town Hall on Creating Safe Spaces.” (3:00 pm PDT)

Facebook event link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/247817333698681/

Event by National Wildlife Federation.

National Town Hall on Increasing Outdoor Safety and Access for Black Communities: Identifying Paths Forward to Address the Challenges the Black Community Faces in Engaging and Recreating OutdoorsJoin us to hear about the programmatic and policy avenues to advance equitable access, representation, and safety among Black communities.

Thursday 05/6/21 – ONLINE – “Borders: The Infiltrators” (4:00 pm PDT)

Facebook link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/765525914074944 The Infiltrators is a docu-thriller that tells the true story of a group of young immigrants who are detained by Border Patrol and thrown into a shadowy for-profit detention center—by choice. Marco and Viri are members of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance, a group of radical DREAMers who are on a mission to stop unjust deportations. The best place to stop deportations, they believe, is in detention. However, when Marco and Viri attempt a daring reverse “prison break,” things don’t go according to plan. By weaving together documentary footage of the real infiltrators with re-enactments of events inside the detention center, The Infiltrators tells a thrilling true story about borders, migrant justice, and activism in a new, genre-defying cinematic language.Co-director Cristina Ibarra and co-director/co-writer Alex Rivera will join moderator Cristina Venegas (Film and Media Studies, UCSB) for a virtual discussion of this groundbreaking film. Please not that this event will not include a screening. Registered participants will receive a link to stream The Infiltrators two days in advance of the event.

ANYTIME – ONLINE TEXTBANKING- “Join Movement Labs textbanking campaigns

Campaigns spanning the nation, from right now, through late June. Join here: https://movementlabs.com/text

“At Movement Labs (formerly Resistance Labs), our mission is to build a country that works for everyone.


Thursday 05/6/21 – ONLINE – “Write Letters to Support Supreme Court Expansion with Demand Justice.” (3:00 pm PDT)

Sign up here (https://www.mobilize.us/demandjustice/event/384218/) to write letters to voters and campaign donors, asking them to tell their Members of Congress to support the Judiciary Act, which will expand the Supreme Court! Please select the dates and times that you are available to join Demand Justice staff for a virtual letter-writing party, and click “sign up” at the bottom of the page. 

When you sign up for your shift, you will receive an email from Demand Justice via Mobilize with a link to all the resources you’ll need to write effective letters, and a link to request a batch of addresses and template letters. We’ll also include the link to join the virtual letter-writing party at the time of your shift! We’ll start the party with a 30 minute training session, and then we’ll spend the next hour and a half writing letters together. 

If you have any questions about attending a virtual letter-writing party, please get in touch with us by emailing us at volunteer@demandjustice.org.

Thursday 05/6/21 – ONLINE – “Common Cause – Social Media Monitoring Shifts!” (1:00 pm-4:00pm, 4:00-7:00 ) Tues, Thurs, Sats. (5/6, 5/8…)

Sign up here. (https://www.mobilize.us/commoncause/event/376200/) You can help protect voters from online disinformation by signing up as a Social Media Monitor. As a volunteer with us, you’ll help monitor social media platforms and conversations in your community for democracy-related disinformation. Each monitoring shift is 3 hours long; volunteers can feel free to come and go as they please.You will be able to access our training materials when you sign up! Hope to see you there!

Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_mRFADCXbSYCPNIYWxwgmzg

Thursday 05/6/21 – ONLINE – “For the People Phonebank with Common Cause – AZ and West Virginia” (3:00 pm-5:00pm) (Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays)

Sign up here. (https://www.mobilize.us/commoncause/event/376178/) We’re so excited to work together to demand bold changes to our democracy to create a government that represents all of us, not big corporations or special interests. On Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays, we’ll be calling into Arizona, and on Saturdays, we’ll be calling into West Virginia. We’ll be calling voters in these states and connecting them to their Senators to support the For the People Act (S1) and eliminate the filibuster.

On Thursdays, we are partnering with Indivisible Northampton to ensure that the For the People Act (S1) will come to fruition! 

These shifts also always will include training for first-timers before you make calls – so if this is your first time, no worries! We’ll make sure you feel prepared before you begin.

Thursday- 5/6 – ONLINE – “Bystander Intervention to stop Anti-Asian/American Harassment and Xenophobia.” (2:00 pm PT) (5/6 @ 2pm, 5/11 @ 12pm, 5/12 @ 3pm, 5/14 @ 9am)

The one-hour, interactive training will teach you Hollaback!’s 5D’s of bystander intervention methodology. We’ll start by talking about the types of disrespect that Asian and Asian American folks are facing right now — from microaggressions to violence — using a tool we call the “spectrum of disrespect.” You’ll learn what to look for and the positive impact that bystander intervention has on individuals and communities. We’ll talk through five strategies for intervention: distract, delegate, document, delay, and direct; and how to prioritize your own safety while intervening. We’ll have time at the end for practice, and you’ll leave feeling more confident intervening the next time you see Anti-Asian/American harassment online or in person.

Calendar of all events here: https://www.ihollaback.org/harassmenttraining/

Thursday(s) 5/6 – ONLINE – “Text with NMWFP (New Mexico Working Families) for Melanie – Thursdays” (2:30 pm PT) (5/13, 5/20, 5/27…)

Sign up to help (https://www.mobilize.us/mobilize/event/385662/) Melanie Stansbury is running for the Congressional seat that was occupied by Deb Haaland before she became Secretary of the Interior. She’s a state representative for New Mexico, and has a great background providing policy advice both to the Senate and the Office of the President. She came from a working-class family (the vintage image of her mom cutting pipes is a great addition to her campaign website).

First, check her out at https://melaniefornm.com/meet-melanie.

NM Working Families is endorsing her candidacy! We will be texting to help her win the special General Election on June 1st and send her to Congress to represent the people in Congressional District 1!

Organize from Home with WFP! Here’s how to get started!

  1. Read and commit to the Working Families Party shared values pledge
  2. Complete the onboarding form, watch the videos and take the quiz at www.wfp4themany.org/text
  3. Then, join the textbank with us online (you’ll get zoom details in another email). We will also guide you through becoming an official member of the powerful text team that is reaching millions of voters across the country and build power with us 4theMany – not the few!

Organize, win, repeat!

Thursday – 5/6/2021 – ONLINE – “Former President George W. Bush to Discuss Immigration” (9:30am PDT)

RSVP here for this free event: (https://forms.bushcenter.org/2021NIFIC) Washington, D.C. — Former President George W. Bush will talk about “Immigrants and the American Future” in a virtual conversation Thursday, co-hosted by the National Immigration Forum, in partnership with the George W. Bush Institute and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Introducing Bush will be Holly Kuzmich, Executive Director and Senior Vice President of the George W. Bush Institute and Ali Noorani, President and CEO at The Forum. The conversation with President Bush will be led by Dr. Russell Moore, President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, joined by Yuval Levin, Director of the Social, Cultural, and Constitutional Studies at the American Enterprise Institute.

Bush’s new book, Out of Many, One: Portraits of America’s Immigrants, was released this month. The 43 portraits and accompanying stories exemplify the promise of America, its future, and our proud history as a nation of immigrants.


  • George W. Bush, 43rd President of The United States
  • Dr. Russell Moore, President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Yuval Levin, Director of the Social, Cultural, and Constitutional Studies at the American Enterprise Institute
  • Holly Kuzmich, Executive Director and Senior Vice President of the George W. Bush Institute
  • Ali Noorani, President and CEO of The National Immigration Forum

Thursday(s) – 5/6/2021 – ONLINE – “Free Arts Program for LGBTQ+ Youth and Allies” (6:30pm – 8:30pm thru June 2021)

Spectrum’s Spring session will begin March 25th and end in June 2021. We will meet 12 times, skipping any Holidays. We will continue to meet from 6:30-8:30 pm on Thursdays (VIA zoom). (Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdGlcdtnBmcemfjpihEYTr4uTcnwzQFaSUOrSiuxBsZ6Hl4SA/viewform)

To receive the zoom link, please RSVP here: bit.ly/3cisDDG

All are welcome, but you may only receive credit if you are a UCSF student. It is completely free, so please forward widely! 


Twitter: @UCSF_M4A

Fridays – 5/7/2021 – OJAI – “Fridays For Future Ojai” (12:00 pm PT) Libby Park

Facebook link here: (https://www.facebook.com/events/826371064631638/) The Friday after Earth Day! Another great day to work to keep our planet livable!

Friday – 5/7/2021 – ONLINE – “Cleaning the Air in Ventura County Progress Made and Challenges Ahead” (7:00 pm PT)

Facebook link here: (https://www.facebook.com/events/1583711011819027) Event by Chalice Community Forum

with Laki Tisopulos, Ph.D., P.E.
Executive Officer/Air Pollution
Control Officer
Ventura County Air Pollution Control District
Topics to include:
• State of our local air quality 
• VC Air Pollution Control District – highlights and challenges
• Disparate impacts and environmental justice efforts
• What more we can do!Laki Tisopulos, Ph.D., P.E. is the Executive Officer and Air Pollution Control Officer of the Ventura County Air Pollution Control District (VCAPCD) and has been involved in the environmental and air pollution control field for over 30 years. His experience spans the entire spectrum of air quality management, including monitoring and analysis, compliance, and the development of innovative programs to reduce pollution from stationary and mobile sources and consumer products. Prior to his appointment at VCAPCD, Dr. Tisopulos was Deputy Executive Officer with the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Dr. Tisopulos holds a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering from USC and a California Professional Engineer License.Please register in advance here:

Saturday – 5/8/2021 – ONLINE – “Introduction to Abolition” (1:00 pm PDT)

If you are interested in the webinar introduction to Abolition please register at bit.ly/oxnardabolition. The webinar will take place on Saturday, May 8, 2021 at 1:00p.m. PT. This webinar is presented by RESISTEOxnard.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to our limited capabilities, we cannot provide a Sign Language Interpreter for this webinar. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Saturday – 5/8/2021 – ONLINE – “Ride Ventura’s New Bike Lanes!” (9:00 am PDT)

Facebook link here (https://www.facebook.com/events/839421783588945) Come with us on a ride to explore some of the new bike lanes in Ventura! The City has been doing a lot of work over the last year to make riding on the Eastern side of town safer and more appealing. So let’s get out there and check em out! There are also some cool projects in the works to learn about from City of Ventura staff. This will be a 10-mile ride at an easy pace, with stops to talk about existing, new, and upcoming bicycle and pedestrian improvements. Expect it to last about two hours. Where: Meet at the parking lot at the corner of Northbank and Alba, street, by 2875 Elba St, Ventura, CA 93003When: May 8th, 9am, for remarks – roll out at 9:20. Ride should take about two hoursPLEASE BRING YOUR MASK (TO WEAR)

Saturday – 5/8/2021 – ONLINE – “John Lewis Voter Advancement Day of Action Votercade” (11:00 am – 1:00 pm PT)

Online link here. The voting rights of America’s Voters of Color and Youth Voters are under attack nationally by state legislators introducing and passing laws to suppress their participation in elections. Meanwhile, big business and billionaires are able to spend unlimited amounts of funding to buy our elections. 

Join us as we mobilize on May 8 in the name of John Lewis as part of 100 events across the nation to pass the For the People Act (H.R. 1), the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (H.R. 4), D.C. Statehood and address the filibuster to do so. 

Together, we can build a better nation and a stronger democracy.

Saturdays – 05/8/21 – ONLINE – “POSTCARDING WITH LAURIE – Register Democrats in Flippable Districts!” (1:00 – 2:00 pm PT) (5/1, 5/8, 5/15, 5/22)

Sign up here. (https://www.mobilize.us/ft6/event/375701/) “Join Field Team 6 at our weekly Postcarding Parties! We’ll teach you everything you need to know about our voter registration outreach through postcards.

We’re overjoyed to have Shepard Fairey designing the postcard art for our proudly partisan voter registration campaigns! So order some of his and/or bring some of your own, and we’ll start sending postcards.

Click here to check out our campaigns, download addresses and get started writing:  https://fieldteam6.herokuapp.com/getting_started

Thank you for doing this fun, effective, and super important work, to build new Democratic majorities in the places we need them most! This will help us save the Senate, save the House, and win downballot in every election between now and November 2022.

Can’t wait to see you there!!

The Shepard Fairey postcards are available to order at https://fieldteam6.myshopify.com. You are welcome to buy or use your own postcards. Whatever cards you buy, be sure to order them and postcard stamps in time for this event!

NOTE: This event is taking place at 1pm PT/4pm ET”

You will receive the Zoom link shortly after signing up. If you do not see that email, please check our Spam/Junk folder. Thank you. See you online.

Saturday – 5/8/2021 – ONLINE – “Saturdays, 10:00 am-noon, Virtual Letter Writing Party“(10:00-12:00 am PT) (4/24)

Even though lots of us are isolated right now to protect our communities, we can still get together virtually to make an impact! Join me for a virtual letter writing party, where we’ll be writing letters using this award-winning, proven tactic to reach potential voters in important upcoming elections.

RSVP here, and we’ll let you know how to join this party online. Invite your friends, too and let them know that Swing Left is pioneering an innovative program, using letters to help volunteers like us turn out voters through our letter-writing affiliate, Vote Forward. 

Never written letters before? Hop on to votefwd.org/swingleft and make an account; download twenty letters; and we’ll show you how to write them at our virtual party!

Think about it: if you help get a voter to the polls, that is an important step towards creating a more inclusive and equitable government and society. Looking forward to seeing you!

Saturday 5/8 – STEVENSON RANCH – “Literature Drops in CA-25!” (11:00 am PDT) (5/8…)

Facebook link here. (https://www.mobilize.us/demcastusa/event/381510/) Knowing that year-round organizing is needed and local organizations need to build volunteer capacity to flip the CA-25 in 2022, this event will be to drop off door hangers with personalized notes to Democratic households. 

We’re letting them know how to connect to the Democratic community in our area, encourage them to make sure everyone in their family is registered to vote, and give them personal contact information to reach out if they have questions or would like to volunteer from home.

Sunday(s) – 5/9/2021 – ONLINE – “PDA’s Healthcare Emergency Town Hall” (1:00 pm PT)

Join us as we discuss COVID-19 and present campaigns to make the US a healthier place for all. This Sunday, May 2nd, we will feature authors of Medicare for All: A Citizen’s Guide Drs. Abdul El-Sayed, M.D., and Micah Johnson, M.D.

Register here: (https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0tceuhrzsvHdymeeZRwb-i7X50FJa-HMR4)

Sunday – 5/9/2021 – ONLINE PHONEBANK – Flip the West “Adopt-a-Traitor Phone Bank – California!” (2:00 – 4:00 pm PT) (4/25, 5/2…)

Sign up here. (https://www.mobilize.us/mobilize/event/376397/)Join Field Team 6 in calling eligible voters (likely Dems) in Californa’s 25th district!

You’ll be targeting Mike Garcia, a traitorous Republican who voted to overturn the Biden election results. 

You’ll be reaching out to get people registered as Democrats, or signed up to vote from home (vote by mail) if they’re already registered.

Making sure people are registered to vote, and that they can vote safely from home, is a super-effective way to make a difference. In 2022, we can flip this seat back to a Democrat.

But we need your help. Join us as we turn voices into votes! All training provided!

ALSO NOTE: All times listed are Pacific Time! But just to be abundantly clear, the event will be taking place from 2-4p PT/ 5-7p ET

Sunday – 5/9– ONLINE – “Civic Sundays/Rapid Response Team: Sunday Phone Bank to Stop Voter Suppression!” (12:00 – 2:00 pm PT) (5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23, 5/30, 6/6, 6/14, 6/20, 6/27)

Sign up here. (https://www.mobilize.us/mobilize/event/378365/) Welcome to the Blue Wave Brigade Rapid Response Team! Rapid Response Phone Banks are a new initiative to respond to attacks on our democracy AS THEY HAPPEN. As we saw after November, attempts to undermine democracy and take away people’s basic rights can happen at a moment’s notice. We need to be able to respond just as quickly. In addition to our longer-term initiatives, these rapid response phone banks will respond to what’s happening NOW. It won’t be easy. You’ll need to be nimble. But if you want to make calls that you KNOW will have an immediate impact, then these are the phone banks for you!!

To date, 43 states have introduced over 250 bills to restrict voting according to the Brennan Center for Justice. These laws seek to limit vote-by-mail access, impose strict voter ID, slash early voting, and enable more aggressive voter roll purges. 

The most egregious of these laws are happening in Georgia and Arizona. In Georgia the Republican legislature is trying to outlaw no-excuse absentee voting (which they instituted in 2005), restrict access to ballot drop boxes, and limit Sunday voting, a thinly veiled attempt to suppress black voters who often participate in “Souls to the polls” events after church on Sundays. In Arizona they’re trying to enforce strict voter ID for absentee voting, reduce access to early voting, and throw out mail in ballots not postmarked by the Thursday before the election. This means that even ballots that arrive before election day could be thrown out!

Needless to say these laws will have a deleterious effect on voters, especially voters of color. That’s why we’re teaming up with the Center for Common Ground to call underrepresented voters in these states and let them know what their legislature is trying to do. We will then offer to patch them through to their representative so they can tell them exactly what they think of these bills. Voters in Arizona and Georgia, especially voters of color, really came through for us in 2020, electing Joe Biden and FOUR Democratic Senators. Now it’s time to return the favor!

Tuesday 5/11 – HARMON CANYON – “Trail Tuesday – A Chance to Reconnect” (5:30pm PT)

Facebook link here. https://www.facebook.com/events/2986523438335160/

Event by Justice For All Ventura County

Hello community. Join us for a walk and a talk. Meet us at 5:30pm at the hike trail entrance of Harmon Canyon. We will hike for about an hour and reconnect, to each other and our goals moving forward. Please wear masks, bring water, and comfortable foot wear. We hope to see you there. Families are welcomed – including dogs!

Tuesday 5/11 – ONLINE – “Free Civic Engagement classes” (6:00 – 7:30pm PT)

Tuesday 5/11 – ONLINE SEMINAR – “UCSF – How to win Medicare For All” (12:00 pm)

Sign up for a session, or all of them here – bit.ly/3cisDDG. Interested in health policy? Think everyone deserve access to healthcare? Want to hear from thought leaders across multiple fields from all around the country? Join UCSF’s Medicare for All elective this Spring, starting on March 30th at 12PM!

Wednesday – 5/12 – ONLINE – “Swing Left – Phonebank to protect voting rights in Texas and Texas 6th District Special Election GOTV” (2:00 – 4:00 pm PDT)(5/5)

Join us here (https://www.mobilize.us/swingleft/event/374360/) every Wednesday from 2:00 to 4 pm PDT to call voters of color in Texas to oppose any voter suppression bills. We use Call Hub, a new user-friendly dialer that allows the volunteer to patch the voter directly to the Speaker of the State House.  
We will help you set up a CallHub account, walk you through the process of making the calls, and answer your questions.

We are also making calls to Democrats in the 6th District of Texas to let people know about the special majority-vote primary election for Congress. Election day is May 1, Early voting ended April 27th.

We have put together an incredible roster of speakers from different backgrounds (physicians, nurses, politicians, economists, journalists) who will come to speak to the prudence and urgency of a single-payer health system in the United States. If you are interested in single-payer or even curious about what Medicare for All means, please come to this exciting new elective lecture series! Lectures are on Tuesdays at noon every week. 

Featured speakers include the former campaign manager to Bernie Sanders, former gubernatorial candidate for the state of Michigan, and many health policy experts. See the attached Syllabus for a full list of speakers. 

Wednesday 5/12 – ONLINE – “Empowering the Next Generation, A Conversation with Angela Davis” (5:30 pm – 7:00 PT)

Facebook link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/285488483059001/ Civil rights icon Dr. Angela Davis will lead a virtual discussion about social justice issues from 5:30 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 12. The event, titled “Empowering the Next Generation: A Conversation with Angela Davis,” is hosted by Oxnard College’s Associated Student Government. All VCCCD students and community members are invited to attend this free event with the world-renowned political activist, educator, writer, and professor.“Our student government is honored to welcome Angela Davis to Oxnard College,” shares Lorena Ortiz, president of Oxnard College’s associated student government. “We are each the beneficiaries of Dr. Davis’ long fight for social justice and we join in her efforts to build a fairer and more inclusive America.”All VCCCD students, employees, and community members can tune into this conversation by registering at bit.ly/oc-angela-davis

Sign on here: Zoom ID: 914 3501 6121

Thursday – 5/13– ONLINE – “MomsRising.org – Special Online Event for Parents: Building Solidarity With Asian Americans (4:30pm PT)

RSVP here:(https://www.mobilize.us/momsrising/event/388056/) Have you heard about the horrifying new playground game called Coronavirus Tag? This is when the Asian American kid is “it” so that whoever that kid tags “gets the virus.” Yes, this game is actually happening and it’s awful! It likely involves bullying and also reinforces harmful stereotypes and promotes otherization and divisiveness. 

Regardless of color, ethnicity, religion, or gender identity, no child should ever feel bullied or otherized, and it’s up to parents to see it and stop it.

That’s why MomsRising and the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) are holding a special and timely discussion for parents on how to stop ongoing incidents of anti-Asian racism, like Coronavirus Tag. This online conversation is part of our May observation of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. 

During this online event, we’ll share some of the history of Asian Americans, and why otherization has dogged this community, particularly in times of crises. We’ll talk about what Asian Americans are now experiencing that stemmed from Donald Trump’s hateful policies and rhetoric, including the recent spike in anti-Asian hate and violence, which is overwhelmingly and disproportionately affecting women. We’ll also cover harmful stereotypes like the Model Minority myth, how to talk to children to humanize Asian Americans – or any group of people perceived to be different from themselves – to fight bullying, racism, and otherization, and how to work with your school system to create an inclusive, welcoming environment for all children.


  • Sung Yeon Choimorrow, Executive Director, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum
  • Nadia Hussein, MomsRising Senior Director and School Bloomingdale, NJ Board of Education Member
  • Sharon Kwon, psychotherapist for Asian American, BIPOC, and immigrant populations
  • Estella Owoimaha-Church, parent and educator based in LA

Thursday – 5/13– ONLINE – “Center for American Progress – Stateside Chat: Lessons Learned From California’s Decades of Climate Action (10:00am PT)

RSVP here: (https://rsvp.americanprogress.org/page/29137/event/1) How Policymakers and Advocates Worked for More Equitable and Ambitious Climate Progress

In conversation:
Mary D. Nichols, Former Chair, California Air Resources Board
John Podesta, Founder and Chair of the Board of Directors, Center for American Progress

Distinguished panelists:
Wade Crowfoot, Secretary, California Natural Resources Agency
Lauren Faber-O’Connor
, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Los Angeles
Alvaro S. Sanchez, Vice President of Policy, The Greenlining Institute

Aimee Barnes, Founder, Hua Nani Partners; Senior Adviser, California-China Climate Institute

If you have questions for our panel, please submit them on Twitter using the hashtag #StatesideChat or via email to CAPeventquestions@americanprogress.org

For decades, California has been at the forefront of climate action, including a voluntary emissions reduction program as far back as 2001 and landmark clean car standards that have been adopted by states across the country. The Biden administration has taken a bold approach to climate policy in its first 100 days, laying out climate commitments in a day one executive order and following up with major investments in climate action to create good jobs, deliver on environmental justice, and reduce planet-warming emissions through its proposed American Jobs Plan. As the administration begins working closely with Congress on further developing and implementing bold climate policies, the federal government can build on successes and learn from challenges experienced by states—including California.

Please join the Center for American Progress for a discussion on some of the key elements of California’s climate efforts and how these best practices, challenges, and lessons learned can be used as models as the federal government moves toward historic climate action.

CAP recently released a related report titled “Learning from California’s Ambitious Climate Policy.” Click here to read the report.

This event is the second in a new series of events titled Stateside Chat, highlighting recent state and local successes and outlining a blueprint for continued progress on a number of issues.

This event will be live captioned in Zoom. Closed-captioned-enabled video will be posted following the conclusion of the event.

Thursday – 5/13– ONLINE – “White Supremacy Characteristics Webinar (5:00pm PT)

Facebook link here: (https://www.facebook.com/events/1271535623641102) REGISTRATION:
Suggested $10 (or more!) registration fee to Earth Seed Land Collective, as you are able: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/earthseedRegister: http://bit.ly/WSCultureWebinarWEBINAR INFO:
20 years ago, inspired by and collaborating with dozens of movement leaders, Tema Okun wrote the article, “White Supremacy Culture Characteristics” as an offering to our movements for racial justice. This work has been shared across the world and inspired countless organizers working to dismantle white supremacy.We’ll hear from Scot Nakagawa from Change Lab, NC Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green, Skill in Action’s Michelle Johnson, Vivette Jeffries-Logan of Biwa Consulting, Kari Points from Finding Freedom, SURJ’s Misha Heij-Mariano, and Cristina Rivera Chapman and Justin Robinson from Earthseed Land Collective.Registration fees will go to Earthseed Land Collective, a Black and Brown-led center for community resilience focused on collective healing, cultural arts, food justice, food sovereignty, and cooperative learning in Durham, NC. No one turned away for lack of funds!ASL and live captioning provided.If the Zoom reaches capacity, we will be live streaming here on Facebook.Register to be emailed a recording. We will also post a recording on Facebook.

Saturday – 05/15 – ONLINE – “Tough Talk: Tools for Anti-Racism Conversations with Friends & Family” (9:00 am PDT)

Interested in learning how to courageously and empathetically dialogue with your loved ones about anti-racism? Wishing you were more confident in talking about anti-racism with friends and family? On Saturday, May 15, join Indivisibles and other progressive activists across the nation for a customized, half-day workshop. This session is for everyone interested in playing an active role in dismantling white supremacy and its ever-present impacts on our communities. While white supremacy affects people differently, we have all been socialized within it — and therefore, must continue to work against it.

Saturday – 05/15/21 – ONLINE – “Flip Texas Blue! Boot Beth Van Duyne (TX-24), Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen. Ted Cruz!” (11:00 am PT)

Join here:  https://www.mobilize.us/ft6/event/371097/ Join Field Team 6 in calling eligible voters (likely Dems) in Fort Worth, where we have a great shot at flipping an important mayoral race on May 1!

Every Democrat we register here will not only help this race, but will also help in 2022 with various important House races, and with ousting voter suppressor and anti-masker Gov. Greg Abbott! Also, with booting the despicable Ted Cruz in 2024!

Let’s ride!!!

You’ll be reaching out to get people registered as Democrats, or signed up to vote from home (vote by mail) if they’re already registered (and 65 or over, or disabled).

Making sure people are registered to vote, and that they can vote safely from home, is a super-effective way to make a difference. But we need your help. Join us as we turn voices into votes! All training provided!

ALSO NOTE: All times listed are Central Time! But just to be abundantly clear, the event will be taking place from 12-2p CT/ 10a-12p PT

Monday – 05/17/21 – ONLINE – “Protect Our Democracy or Protect the Filibuster” With Sens. Jeff Merkley & Elizabeth Warren” (5:00 pm PDT)

Facebook link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/4099120646836262/

Event by Fix Our SenateCitizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and 15 others

Senate Democrats will soon face a choice: Protect our democracy and pass the For the People Act, or protect the filibuster – an outdated and abused “Jim Crow relic.” Join us for an exciting virtual town hall with Senator Jeff Merkley and Senator Elizabeth Warren on Monday, May 17 at 8PM ET for a live discussion on how we’re fighting to end the filibuster and protect our democracy.

Thursday – 06/3/21 – ONLINE – “June Zero Waste Meet-Up – Story of Plastic Documentary Screening” Free (5:00 pm PDT)

Posted here. This month’s meet-up will be a call of action against plastic pollution!

June Zero Waste Meet-Up – Story of Plastic Documentary Screening and Discussion

Presented by Plastic-Free YYC and The Story of Stuff 

After watching The Story of Plastic Documentary “together” (via-ZOOM-at-your-home-together and abiding by covid protocols) we will unmute ourselves, have discussions about the documentary, and of course, how to take action and change how we have been dealing with plastic consumption and disposal.

This documentary takes a sweeping look at the man-made crisis of plastic pollution and the worldwide effect it has on the health of our planet and the people who inhabit it. With engaging original animation, archival industry footage beginning in the 1930s, and first-person accounts of the unfolding emergency, the film distills a complex problem that is increasingly affecting the planet’s and its residents’ well-being. It also brings into focus the heroes who are working every day to rise up against big plastic. 

Watch the trailer here: youtube.com/watch?v=37PDwW0c1so

Official website: storyofstuff.org/storyofplastic



The link to watch the documentary will be posted in the ZOOM chat at the Zero Waste Meet-Up. We highly recommend that you use your PC to watch the documentary and at the same time, stay online at our ZOOM’s Zero Waste Meetup. Since Plastic-Free YYC was only given a certain number of views per link, we have to be careful not to surpass it to ensure that all our Zero Waste Meet-Up registrants can watch the film without reaching the View Limit.

Have a question? Please email Vaneska at meetups@plasticfreeyyc.com 

This event (like most of our Zero Waste Meet-Ups) is FREE, as we strive to make zero waste living accessible to everyone. 

We aim to make our events accessible and affordable to all Calgarians because we believe everyone should be able to learn about waste reduction. 

About Zero Waste Meet-Ups: These events are casual gatherings that Plastic-Free YYC hosts regularly to bring together like-minded, compassionate, and curious Calgarians. They serve as a fun forum to learn about zero waste challenges and solutions.

Sun – 06/6/21 AND 06/27/21- OXNARD – Swap Meet Justice – Volunteer Citizenship Fair on the *LAST SUNDAY OF EVERY MONTH



(The Oxnard Community Marketplace is still closed down due to the pandemic.

More information here on how to volunteer to help, or to get immigration paperwork, including citizenship application, renewals for DACA and green cards, done under the oversight of volunteer local immigration attorneys and accredited representatives. This fair is cosponsored by CLUE-VC, Ventura Co. Legal Aid, El Concilio Family Services, UFW, SEIU 721, and community volunteers

  • DACA fees remain the same ($495), but now you need to renew EVERY YEAR.
  • Green Card Renewals reduced by $10
  • Citizenship UP by 80% to over $1000!!!!
  • DACA fees remain the same ($495), but now you need to renew EVERY YEAR.
  • Green Card Renewals reduced by $10
  • Citizenship UP by 80% to over $1000!!!!

ONGOING – ONLINE – “AIDS WALK 5bi5” and Scavenger Hunt

We’ve kicked off our Annual AIDS Walk! In keeping with safety protocols, we are not gathering. Instead, check out these fun activities:

• Form a team – gather 5 or more friends and set a goal of raising $500+ (keeping with that 5bi5 theme) or an amount that suits your team
• Or join us individually with a goal for raising money for our Ventura County community  

SCAVENGER HUNT – To get you out and walking, we will post a list of various sites around Ventura County      • Go to a location on our website and take a selfie. 
     • Post on Instagram with designated hashtags 
     • Anybody who can complete the list will be entered in a drawing to win a prize. 
     • Hashtags to qualify: #AIDSWalkVC #gettingtozero #KnowYourStatus
5bi5 started March 27, 2021, but HIV is here 365 days – donate to help us lower the rate of infection in Ventura County and surrounding areas.

Monday – 5/31 – ONLINE – “Virtual, Community LGBTQ+ Safe Zone Training” (3:00 -4:00pm PT) ( 6/28, 7/26, 8/30,…)

Facebook link here. Community Safe Zone Trainings are public events that provide education on the LGBTQ+ community, the issues we face, and resources available near you. These events are completely free, virtual sessions held over Zoom once a month.To attend, fill out the form at https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLSeYvOS8qOxbv0…/viewform. We hope to see you there!

Wednesday – 6/2/- ONLINE – “Action & Accountability Circles: White Folks Working to Interrupt Patterns of White Supremacy” (4:30 pm PDT)

Facebook link here:(https://www.facebook.com/events/486142252511962) Action & Accountability Circles:
White Folks Working to Interrupt Patterns of White Supremacy 

Are you actively working on interrupting your whiteness and desire a space of accountability, mentorship, and support for living more fully into your anti-racist identity? Do you have a “project” related to antiracism organizing that you want support on? This course is a unique combination of both personal mentorship and group process space. It will support external antiracism work in the world while focusing on our internal patterns. Each participant will come up with a “project” that they want to work on and identify several specific white supremacy behavioral patterns (EX: https://collectiveliberation.org/…/White_Supremacy…) they want to actively interrupt while enacting their “project”. There will be one-on-one meetings with the facilitator Kara Bender, journaling and reflection prompts, a buddy system, and group share outs. Together a supportive and encouraging environment will be cultivated. “Projects” can be drawn from ongoing participation in groups/committees/ etc., created from scratch for this course, organization focused, and/or focused on your family/friends. Kara will work with each participant to develop their “project” so that it is achievable and accountable to People of Color. 

6 Week Course: June 2nd to July 7th 2021
Course Outline:

All Group Sessions will be on Zoom for 2 hrs on Wednesday’s from 6:30pm – 8:30pm CENTRAL time // All One-on-one Sessions can either be in person or on Zoom for 1 hr. 

Group Session 1: Wed. June 2, 2021 6:30pm – 8:30pm CST: Gathering, Group Formation, & Teaching on the Internalization of White Supremacy Patterns 

One -on- One Session 1: Schedule times between June 3rd and June 15th: Each person will meet with Kara to discuss project goals and patterns they will actively work on interrupting.

Wednesday – 6/4 – ONLINE – “Wear Orange for National Gun Violence Awareness Day” ( – pm PT)

June 4th is National Gun Violence Awareness Day, when we start Wear Orange Weekend to honor the people shot and killed or wounded by gun violence, and the survivors of gun violence. We honor them and renew our commitment to ending gun violence in America by taking action and taking part in Wear Orange.

As a movement more than six million strong, we’re gearing up to show the country who we are and why we’re working to end gun violence. To get ready for this year’s Wear Orange Weekend, the newly launched Wear Orange Collection has been redesigned and contains everything you’ll need to #WearOrange with us. Your purchase helps us build awareness of and advance solutions to gun violence in America.

Wednesday – 6/18-30/2021 – ONLINE/IRL – “Young Advocate Summer Camp” (1:00 – 3:30 pm PT)

Wednesday – 6/9/2021 – ONLINE/IRL – “Young Advocate Summer Camp” (1:00 – 3:30 pm PT)

Young Advocate Summer Camp is a three day Day Camp setting focused on advocacy.

Starting June 9 – June 11 from 1pm – 3:30pm Daily.
Middle School Aged students will work together to advocate for a change they want to see in the Ojai Valley. We will discuss topics such as inequality and inequity and participants will choose an ‘issue’ that they want to solve in their town. Together, we will build solutions, develop strategies, and freedom dream for the future of Ojai.

This is a Donation Based program with a suggested donation of $50

NO participant will be turned away for lack of funds.

Register at the following link: https://forms.gle/mESKQWTKuGb3pUNPA

Monday – 6/10 – ONLINE – “Take Action at Ventura City Council meeting” (6:00 pm PT)

Please sign up to attend virtually.

Wednesday – 6/16-18/2021 – ONLINE – “Change Maker’s Summer Camp” (1:00 – 3:30 pm PT)

Change Makers Summer Camp is a three day Day Camp setting focused on advocacy.

Starting June 16 – June 18 from 1pm – 3:30pm Daily. 
High School Aged students will work together to advocate for a change they want to see in the Ojai Valley. We will discuss topics such as inequality and inequity and participants will choose an ‘issue’ that they want to solve in their town. Together, we will build solutions, develop strategies, and freedom dream for the future of Ojai.

This is a Donation Based program with a suggested donation of $50

NO participant will be turned away for lack of funds. 

Register at the following link: https://forms.gle/mESKQWTKuGb3pUNPA

Saturday – 6/19 – ONLINE – “30th Annual Juneteenth Celebration” (TBD)

This event celebrates the 1865 historical Proclamation of Freedom from slavery in Texas.

For 29 years, several primarily African American community organizations have served thousands of people in Ventura County in support of young people, in support of social justice in the underserved communities of color with ongoing services that uplift our community and bring cultural awareness. It is with open hearts that we welcome all for a virtual celebration of Juneteenth, this year.  We always try to excel each year with our sharing Black history and culture, our entertainment, the latest in Health and Wellness information and to shine a light on different local artists included in our Harmony Art Walk, to name a few highlights.

We are inviting you to join us a sponsor and/or participant in this wonderful virtual fun filled family viewing event.

Thursday – 7/1 – ONLINE – “Organizing Farmworkers During a Crisis” (5:00 -7:00 pm)

In honor of CAUSE celebrating our 20th anniversary, this July, we are excited to host a virtual four part policy series, where we will bring together community leaders, public agency staff, and elected officials to learn and share policy solutions to the challenges faced in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Our policy series Summer of Change: Strategizing Progressive Policies for Our Communities will feature panelists who will highlight the experience of community experts and practitioners on policy issues including Farmworker rights, Environmental Justice, Housing Rights, Immigrants rights, and investing in programs for youth development. 


Join us as we explore the future of farmworker organizing as the pandemic comes to an end. What are the lessons learned about organizing during natural disasters? How can we prepare and strategize for the future with these lessons? 

Thursday – 7/8 -ONLINE ” Investing in Youth of Color – (5:00 -7:00 pm)

In honor of CAUSE celebrating our 20th anniversary, this July, we are excited to host a virtual four part policy series, where we will bring together community leaders, public agency staff, and elected officials to learn and share policy solutions to the challenges faced in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Our policy series Summer of Change: Strategizing Progressive Policies for Our Communities will feature panelists who will highlight the experience of community experts and practitioners on policy issues including Farmworker rights, Environmental Justice, Housing Rights, Immigrants rights, and investing in programs for youth development. 


This panel will delve into city-financed youth programs. How can cities move funding to create and revitalize youth programs?  How can we incorporate Youth in the decision-making process?

Thursday – 7/15 – “Resilience (film): The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope” – (4:00 pm PDT)

Facebook link here: (https://www.facebook.com/events/278378430360978) Join us for this award-winning, 60-minute film, Resilience: The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope! This powerful movie is a conversation-starter and a perspective-changer. (See more about film here: http://kpjrfilms.co/resilience/) Spanish subtitles are available.The screening is co-hosted by the WCPSS Office of Equity Affairs & Office of Counseling & Student Services, the Wake NCAE, the Wake PTA Council, and Public Schools First NC.This limited release documentary examines how abuse, neglect and other adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) affect children’s development & health outcomes in adulthood. Research shows ACEs are common, they affect all income levels, and their impact on health and well-being is significant. “The child may not remember, but the body remembers.”Schools have a critical role to play in promoting the great childhoods that children deserve. One great takeaway from Resilience is that there is always hope! Science shows the effects of ACEs do not have to be permanent. The film highlights how communities working together can build resilience in kids to overcome the impact of ACEs. Come see this highly acclaimed film to learn more about ACEs, how they increase the likelihood of disease and illness, and how together we as a community can mitigate the impact of ACEs for Wake County children. There will be short commentary/discussion following the film. THIS FILM IS INTENDED FOR ADULT AUDIENCES.
Registration is required: https://register.gotowebinar.com/regi…/4214485657531633934 After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.More info on ACEs: http://www. AdvocatesForHealthInAction.org and visit our website for great resources on ACEs and Resilience School Programs www.publicschoolsfirstnc.orgIf you want to schedule a screening for your church or synagogue, your civic group or PTA, please contact us to schedule (info@publicschoolsfirstnc.org)

Thursday – 7/15 – “Building Resilient Communities through Environmental Justice” – (5:00 -7:00 pm)

In honor of CAUSE celebrating our 20th anniversary, this July, we are excited to host a virtual four part policy series, where we will bring together community leaders, public agency staff, and elected officials to learn and share policy solutions to the challenges faced in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Our policy series Summer of Change: Strategizing Progressive Policies for Our Communities will feature panelists who will highlight the experience of community experts and practitioners on policy issues including Farmworker rights, Environmental Justice, Housing Rights, Immigrants rights, and investing in programs for youth development. 


Explore different EJ tools and policies that support our communities of color as we face the impacts of climate change. How can cities build resilient communities that ensure the health and safety of disadvantaged communities? 

Thursday – 7/22 – “Protecting Tenants Beyond the Pandemic” – (5:00 -7:00 pm)

In honor of CAUSE celebrating our 20th anniversary, this July, we are excited to host a virtual four part policy series, where we will bring together community leaders, public agency staff, and elected officials to learn and share policy solutions to the challenges faced in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Our policy series Summer of Change: Strategizing Progressive Policies for Our Communities will feature panelists who will highlight the experience of community experts and practitioners on policy issues including Farmworker rights, Environmental Justice, Housing Rights, Immigrants rights, and investing in programs for youth development. 


As the pandemic has highlighted, the Housing Crisis in California disproportionately impacts low-income tenants. Learn about tenant protection policy which protects tenants beyond the pandemic.

Thursday – 7/29 – “Advancing  Immigrants Rights at the Local Level” – (5:00 -7:00 pm)

In honor of CAUSE celebrating our 20th anniversary, this July, we are excited to host a virtual four part policy series, where we will bring together community leaders, public agency staff, and elected officials to learn and share policy solutions to the challenges faced in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Our policy series Summer of Change: Strategizing Progressive Policies for Our Communities will feature panelists who will highlight the experience of community experts and practitioners on policy issues including Farmworker rights, Environmental Justice, Housing Rights, Immigrants rights, and investing in programs for youth development. 


California has made great strides to uplift immigrants through legislation that expanded Medi-Cal to cover children and young adults and more recently, the  Disaster Relief Assistance for Immigrants program and the Golden Stimulus, which provided financial support to undocumented low-income families during the pandemic. Joins us to learn how local electeds and community leaders can take an active role in advancing immigrants rights policy at the local level

STAY TUNED – We’ll be joining Postcards to Swing States again. Starts up in April.

Anytime – ONLINE – Sign the Black Lives Matter Petition.

Add your name to co-sign BLM’s 7 demands here. (More details here.)

  • Impeach, convict, and ban Trump from future political office.
  • Expel Republican members of Congress who attempted to overturn the election and incited a white supremacist attack.
  • Launch full investigation into the ties between white supremacy and the Capitol Police, law enforcement, and the military (COUP Act).
  • Permanently ban Trump from all digital media platforms.
  • Defund the police.
  • Don’t let the coup be used as an excuse to crack down on our movement.
  • Pass the BREATHE Act.

The “digital divide” in broadband coverage is a form of racial injustice. The FCC is asking for help to find the blind spots. Share!

We’ve all seen the photos of kids sitting in parking lots outside coffee shops, doing their homework, because their home doesn’t have internet access. (GRI) “Just less than half of households with annual family incomes less than $20,000 have home-internet access. Further, 83% of Asians and 81% of Whites have home-internet access, compared to 72% of American Indian/Alaska Natives, 70% of Hispanics, 68% of Blacks. Largely a product of America’s overall racial wealth gap, the “digital divide” is a term that has come to describe the racial and economic disparities seen in internet access for Americans.”

(the Verve)“…The form the FCC is using for your responses (https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001440131) is decidedly rudimentary; it looks like a general complaint form, and doesn’t ask any specific questions about broadband at all (the only reference is in the header). But the FCC says it’s a stopgap on the path to a more detailed and specific reporting tool. For now, perhaps you can take a look at the FCC’s current crappy maps at your address, and tell the FCC whether you actually have the kinds of choices that the ISPs claim you have.

Postcards for DC Statehood!

Washington D.C. is a living, breathing, racial and civil rights injustice and we need to fix it!

Update: A Heritage Foundation lawyer, Zack Smith, actually stated out loud that DC residents “already impact the national debate” because members of Congress see their yard signs while driving to work. (Note – yard signs imply property ownership, so thanks, Heritage Foundation for that slap-back to the beginnings of our country, when only property owners got to vote.)

Go here for get postcards! A member has printed up a large amount. This is an easy task, both sides are already printed, ready for addressing and stamps! Instructions included.

If you’re unfamiliar with the hundreds of years that DC residents have been denied statehood, along with the rights we take for granted, like representation along with taxation, the ability to make laws without federal interference, and being able to call up the National Guard when they need it, here’s our post with lots of information and great videos. (Also 51 for 51 and DCstatehoodcoalition.org ) Both the House and Senate have reintroduced bills to fix this, H.R.51 & S.51 “WashingtonD.C. Admission Act. Another important bill –  H.R.1 – “For the People Act, declares, amongst many important voting reforms, “…that DC residents deserve full Congressional voting rights and self-government, which only statehood can provide.” (full text) (endorsements). We need to get all Democratic representatives and senators onboard both bills as cosponsors quickly as possible!

Letter Template – “Ask our legislators to support the BUILD GREEN Infrastructure and Jobs Act 

Letter template link here. U.S. Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey along with Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Andy Levin introduced the Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development and Generating Renewable Energy to Electrify the Nation’s (BUILD GREEN) Infrastructure and Jobs Act.

The BUILD GREEN Infrastructure and Jobs Act is a new plan to address the climate crisis and our crumbling infrastructure by providing $500 billion in grant funding for roads, bridges, and rail, while electrifying our public transportation systems (including school buses!) over the next ten years.

Actions from”Black Voters Matters” – Call GA-based corporations and tell them to divest all donations from sponsors and supporters of HB531 and SB241.

  • Share BVM Direct Action page on social media.
  • Call sheet here with instructions and phone numbers.
  • Share this on social media.
  • Sign up for a Texting shift with BVM here

Sign-on petition- “Black Lives Matter – Pass Medicare for All”

Sign Petition here.

Let’s be clear — passing Medicare for All is a racial justice issue.

Black people are impacted the most by health care inadequacies in the United States. Whether you’re looking at the mortality and morbidity rates of Black mothers, the high rates of Black people dying from COVID-19, and the disproportionately Black population in American prisons — where access to adequate health care is a huge issue — the time has never been more urgent to pass Medicare For All and take bold action to create the conditions for Black people to thrive.

Every single institution that currently exists that is led by local, state, and national government is predicated upon anti-Black racism in particular — and it’s the same reason why these exact institutions are profit-driven.

Profit-driven health care systems have no place in society, and they have never existed to serve Black people — only to exploit us.

The current health care system has not prioritized Black bodies, but has exploited them. But not any longer. Please sign the petition demanding Congress pass Medicare for All.

Sign-on petition- “Speak up against anti-Asian hate. Ask Congress to take action and pass two resolutions.”

Send a email to your officials here. Hate crimes, anti-immigrant bias and discriminatory acts against Asians and Asian Americans have significantly increased in the U.S. since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Congress can take action by passing two resolutions that condemn this rising tide of hatred and aim to curb the damaging effects of hate, bias and violence to society.Members of the House of Representatives have introduced H. Res. 151, led by Representative Grace Meng and H. Res. 153, led by Representative Michelle Steel, condemning all forms of anti-Asian sentiment related to COVID-19. ADL urges Congress to speak out against bias and hate and support Asian and Asian-American communities by adopting these measures.

Letter Template – “Biden: Commit to close the #FirstTen immigrant detention centers!”

Letter Template here. For the last four years, immigrant communities have experienced Trump’s never-ending racist and xenophobic attacks, including a massive expansion of the immigration detention system. As President Biden begins to undo these harms, he must prioritize dismantling the cruel immigration detention system that deprives the liberty of thousands of immigrants and people seeking asylum each year.

Join Detention Watch Network, in collaboration with communities across the country, as we demand that the Biden administration fulfill its commitment to restoring humanity to the immigration system by recognizing that detention has no place in a just and humane system. People navigating their immigration cases should be able to do so in community, not behind bars in detention. We call on the Biden administration to take bold action towards ending the use of detention entirely by shutting down and ending contracts for the following ten detention centers that are emblematic of how the immigration detention system as a whole is inherently abusive, unjust, and fatally flawed beyond repair.

  1. Adelanto Detention Facility
  2. Berks County Family Residential Center
  3. South Texas Family Residential Center (Dilley) 
  4. Etowah County Jail
  5. Farmville Detention Center
  6. T. Don Hutto Residential Facility (Hutto) 
  7. Irwin County Detention Center
  8. Karnes County Family Residential Center 
  9. Mesa Verde Detention Center
  10. Otero County Processing Center

The facilities on this list represent every facility across the country where medical neglect is common, physical and sexual abuse are widely reported, basic necessities are lacking, food is rotten, access to counsel and support is restricted, and immigrants needlessly suffer. This list provides a roadmap, a #FirstTen to communities not cages.

SEND a letter to President Biden and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and demand that he CLOSES the #FirstTen immigrant detention centers as a first step to abolish immigrant detention. #CommunitiesNotCages

Join in – Learn how to effectively intervene the next time you see Anti-Asian/American harassment online or in person.

In response to the rise in Anti-Asian/American and xenophobic harassment, Hollaback! partnered with Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC to adapt their free 1-hour bystander intervention training as well as offering a de-escalation training to meet this moment. (More information here.)

  • March 29 (MONDAY) at 3:00 PM ET/ 2:00 PM CT/ 1:00 PM MT/ 12:00 PM PT/ 10:00 AM HST. Register Here
  • April 20 (TUESDAY_ at 2:00 PM ET/ 1:00 PM CT/ 12:00 PM MT/ 11:00 AM PT/ 9:00 AM HST. Register Here

Watch now – ONLINE – “On the Frontline – Winning the People’s Agenda

Link to video here. https://www.facebook.com/mvmt4bl/videos/841958666534670 (~Español Debajo~)

We’ve won at the ballot box. Now let’s win in Washington. The Biden-Harris administration passing the $1.9T Stimulus Bill is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to delivering meaningful changes to our communities. Join us this Wednesday at 8 PM ET for “On the Frontline: Winning the People’s Agenda.”We will hear about a number of federal policy proposals that could translate into our people getting the Care and Relief we need and deserve – addressing economic justice, racial justice, climate justice, and democracy reform. We’ll discuss how all these issues are connected and how you can help win the people’s agenda by taking action during the Congressional recess.

~~~~Hemos ganado en las urnas. Ahora vamos por Washington. La aprobación por parte de la administración Biden-Harris de la Ley de Estímulo de $1.9 billones, es solo la punta del iceberg al momento de efectuar cambios que sean significativos para nuestras comunidades. Únete este miércoles a las 8 PM ET para “En el frente de batalla: Conseguir una agenda para el pueblo” donde vamos a proponer distintas maneras de reformar nuestra democracia.Vamos a hablar sobre varias propuestas de políticas federales que podrían hacer que nuestra gente consiga la Atención y la Asistencia que necesita y merece, y que abordan la justicia económica, racial, y climática y la reforma de la democracia. Vamos a conversar cómo todos estos temas están interconectados y cómo tú, tomando acción durante el receso del Congreso, puedes ayudar a que la agenda del pueblo triunfe.

AccessibilityNotes from the organizer: ASL, Spanish, Closed Captioning available. Notas del organizador: Interpretación de signos, Español y subtitulos.

Petition – “Protect Immigrant Survivors

Learn more about her and sign the petition here. #FreeGabby! In about two weeks, Gabby will face an ICE transfer from state prison at CCWF unless Gov. Newsom intervenes. Please continue to amplify Gabby’s campaign to protect immigrant survivors! Take action here with Gabby’s toolkit: bit.ly/FreeGabbyToolkit

  • Minimal script: “I’m calling from [zip code] to urge Governor Newsom to stop the ICE transfer of Gabriela Solano #W82038, a 48-year old immigrant and domestic violence survivor who’s scheduled to be released from the Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) in Chowchilla, California. She is at risk of being transferred to ICE detention and deported to Mexico, a country she left as a baby. I urge Governor Newsom to use his power to protect immigrant survivors like Gabriela and to free her to the care of her loved ones and community?”
  • Call script for Gov. Newsom at (916) 445-2841
  • Email Gov. Newsom, here,

Petition – “Demand a free and fair trial.

Sign here. GEORGE FLOYD should still be alive today. Demand Justice.

Derek Chauvin will stand trial for the murder of George Floyd in March. The 3 other officers on the scene that day will stand trial in August. Chauvin has been charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter and faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted. 

We demand a free and fair trial. We demand the Minneapolis Police Officers involved in the murder of George Floyd be held responsible. 

We are calling on Governor Tim Walz, Keith Ellison, of Minnesota Attorney General and Judge Peter Cahill to ensure a fair trial.

George Floyd was a star athlete in high school, and among the first of his siblings to attend college. He became a fixture in the early days of Houston’s hip-hop scene, performing as a rapper known as “Big Floyd.” Like all of us, he had some ups and downs in his life, but in adulthood, Mr. Floyd became committed to his Christian faith, becoming an active church volunteer and a mentor to troubled youth in his community.

Thank you for reading this petition. Please sign and share to help get justice for George Floyd and to prevent more cases of police brutality. Support and Follow us on Instagram: @justiceforgeorge and Twitter: @gfmfoundation, and Facebook: The George Floyd Memorial Foundation for case updates.

Wed 3/3: Wanted: Postcard writers! D.C. statehood and stopping deportation flights.

TWO POSTCARD CAMPAIGNS!The DC statehood campaign continues because the indignity of second-class citizenry continues. It’s a couple of hundred years past time for this to be corrected with H.R. 51/S.51 – Washington DC Admission Act.The WHAT’S NEXT? folks have put together their new postcard campaign to stop the deportations. Link here to get involved.

Help Texans affected by the weather crisis!

Lots of ways to help here.

Donations Needed – Monthly Food Outreach

Drop-offs can be made Monday-Friday, 9am-9pm, but please call ahead at 818-641-2396 to make sure someone will be there to meet you.

Volunteers Needed – United Way of Ventura County

Greetings, Volunteers – Happy Friday! We hope you’ve had a great week. Are you interested in helping with food access and distribution in Ventura County? We recognize that, throughout COVID, opportunities have been limited and many transferred to online platforms. However, food remains one area in which many opportunities remain plentiful for volunteers to engage with!

Here are some current opportunities:

  • Food distribution every Thursday, 8am-1pm, with Community Action VC in Oxnard
  • Pantry volunteer every Monday 12-4pm, Wednesday 10am-2pm, and Thursday 10am-2pm with theSamaritan Center of Simi Valley 
  • Food Delivery Assistance on Monday, February 22 from 9-11am with the Salvation Army Simi Valley Service Center 
  • Food Share has many opportunities. Check out their opportunities for pop up pantries, food delivery, boxing and sorting food, and helping in the Senior Nutrition Garden!

Thank you for all you do in our communities across Ventura County. If you have any questions about opportunities, please email Francesca at francesca.dematto@vcunitedway.org.

Info Share – Citizenship Assistance!

Anytime – ONLINE/IRL – “Color of Change – The Pedestal Project” –

Color Of Change has launched The Pedestal Project, an augmented reality (AR) experience on Instagram that lets users place statues of racial justice leaders atop empty pedestals where confederate statues once stood as a refreshing new symbol of equality and progress. Per a press release sent to The Root, the campaign encourages people to snap a picture or a video of their experience and share to social page by tagging @ColorOfChange. The Pedestal ProjectInstagram Lens is activated via a mobile device on the Color Of Change Instagram page, at home, anytime. Color Of Change encourages people to go outside, safely, within their own communities to find empty pedestals where confederate symbols once stood. The AR experience is easy and immersive. Upon accessing the lens, users will be able to select from a gallery of statues, place it atop an empty pedestal, and, in the activists’ own voice, hear why change is worth fighting for. (Note: In Ventura County, there is an empty pedestal in front of Ventura’s City Hall, where a statue of Padre Serra was removed.)

Anytime – ONLINE – Sign the Black Lives Matter Petition.

Add your name to co-sign BLM’s 7 demands here. (More details here.)

  • Impeach, convict, and ban Trump from future political office.
  • Expel Republican members of Congress who attempted to overturn the election and incited a white supremacist attack.
  • Launch full investigation into the ties between white supremacy and the Capitol Police, law enforcement, and the military (COUP Act).
  • Permanently ban Trump from all digital media platforms.
  • Defund the police.
  • Don’t let the coup be used as an excuse to crack down on our movement.
  • Pass the BREATHE Act.

Disbar the lawyer/legislators who helped set our country on fire!

Click here for lists of lawyer/legislators who violated their oaths, and “CUT and PASTE” letters to the national American Bar Association and all the state boards that have the power to disbar them.

ACLU – How do we End Racism in Policing?

The ACLU has changed it’s mind! Instead of focusing on making police departments better, they are now firmly on the side of divesting functions, power and responsibilities from police departments and tranferring them to life-giving non-police-dependent alternatives. This video covers qualified immunity, police union influence, and use of force standards, as well as the big questions on how we can stop police from being such an outsized presence in Black communities. One example of redirection – the changeover from police transport of medical emergencies to ambulances, which took place in the 1960’s. Share all these resources with your friends and family, along with the ACLU’s series of short videos called “100 Years of Racism in Policing.

Today’s video: Trump-ublicans are the Modern Confederates: Let’s not repeat 150-year old mistakes.

Link here. “Shadow President Trump, Cruz, Hawley, McCarthy, the Qanon congresswomen, etc – are the cultural reincarnations of the civil war confederates the union let off the hook 150 short years ago. We cannot afford to make the same mistakes. And the words of Frederick Douglass are ever more urgent.

147 Congress members committed treason when they voted to overthrow our democracy…Those 147 traitors who made every effort to subvert, stir, move and incite insurrection and rebellion against our country must be expelled from public office, tried and convicted in a court of law. Their sponsors, enablers and promoters must all face boycotts, and cancellations and be hauled into court on charges of sedition.

For the millions of descendants of African slaves and the survivors of Native American holocaust, for every citizen of our migrant nation, who believes in equality for all people, “It is for you to teach them that those who sow the wind must reap the whirlwind, that clemency and mercy to them would be cruelty and murder to the innocent and unborn.” In the words of Frederick Douglass, “If this was is to be forgotten, I ask in the name of all things sacred, what shall men remember? We must never forget that victory to the rebellion meant death to the Republic.”


1. Comparing BLM and capitol riots
2. MLK TAUGHT US: how to overcome racism and poverty 
3. ROOSEVELT SHOWED US: how to defeat fascism and inequality 
4. LINCOLN DEMONSTRATED: how to create a stimulus pkg
5. PRESIDENT JOHNSON failed to prosecute Robert E. Lee

This history is so important to know – and generally not shared in proper context in schools due to pressure and suppression from an anti-culture that is not sustainable and never was. The power and clarity derived from understanding these major events during the Civil War, WW2 and the civil rights movements cannot be over overstated. Hearing the words of MLK, James Baldwin, Roosevelt directly are healing and instructive on what we must stand for and what must never stand for — as individuals and a nation.” 

(Click on the video link here if the “age restriction” shows)

Watch Party – NAACP leader on the importance of Black History Month

Watch Party – Split Screen/Split Realities: Nonviolent Protests vs. Violent Mobs

Watch Party – “Uninsured and Unhoused – Rep. Cory Bush Advocates Vaccine Education For Our Most Vulnerable”

Link here (youtu.be/VGF027_gIjY) to share on your social media.

Thurs 12/17: Carbon neutrality by 2045? CA has to move faster!

Full post here. Governor, 80 groups have asked you, based on science, to speed up our clean car mandate to meet state climate goals and the communities most harmed by fossils fuel pollution shouldn’t have to wait an extra five years to breathe clean air. I urge you to direct the CA Air Resources Board (CARB) to:

  1. Require 100% zero-emission vehicle sales by 2030 and a minimum 7% decrease in emissions each year from petroleum cars in the meantime.
  2. Create good jobs and ensure low-income communities of color benefit equitably from the transition.
  3. Start new clean car standards as soon as possible, no later than model year 2024.

#CleanCarsNow #ZEV2030 #ClimateEmergency
Contact: Governor Gavin Newsom: email(916) 445-2841 https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov40mail/

In 1939, a ship, the St. Louis, came to our shores seeking asylum for 900 Jewish passengers fleeing their increasingly dangerous homeland. Shamefully, we turned them away and hundreds died upon their return. 80 years later, we need to demand better for those who seek safety here.

Sun 11/8: Finding elections more interesting than you thought? Join the Scrutineers!

Find out about interesting volunteer opportunities that go deeper into the working of our elections here.

Fight fossil fuel political dominance by reducing the need for it!

Ventura County is developing a 100-megawatt, 400-megawatt hour battery storage facility to replace the need for new natural gas-powered generation. So far, Ojai is the first and only city in our county who’s made a jump to gas source reduction with an all-electrica building code, though there are still discussions as to the extent of their ordinance.

Cities and counties in California serve as guiding lights as the state navigates a transition from gas to clean-energy buildings. Motivated by the climate crisis, worsening air pollution, escalating gas rates, and safety risks from gas, a new cohort of local government leaders is emerging in California. Over 50 cities and counties across the state are considering policies to support all-electric new construction. 

This blog summarizes the cities and counties that have already adopted gas-free buildings commitments or electrification building codes (i.e., “reach codes” that go beyond the statewide building code) and is regularly updated to reflect the latest wins in California. Ordinance language is also linked below.

To urge your city council members to be climate leaders and to create a gas-free future for our homes and buildings, please sign this petition.

Protect the US Postal Service, our election and basic democracy.

  • ALL THE ACTIONS ARE HERE!  Updated 9/2/2020
  • Why is this sabotage happening?
  • Where are we at right now with DeJoy and his co-conspirators – USPS Board of Governor Chair Robert Duncan, Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin, and Sen. Mitch McConnell?
  • Sign the NAACP petition here. The NAACP has filed a federal lawsuit against the Postmaster General of the United States Postal Service for deliberately attempting to sabotage the U.S. Postal Service to obstruct voting by mail and to ensure a favorable outcome in the election.

Put pressure on the USPS Board of Governors and other actions described here.

Top 13 things you should know about our postal service! It is the leading employer of minorities (39%) and women (40%), and for three years in a row they were in Hispanic Business magazine’s annual “Diversity Elite 60” list of best companies for Hispanics, the only federal agency on the list. The USPS is also one of the largest employers of veterans, with more than 97,000.

📫 Tie a DARK BLUE RIBBON around your mailbox (or on your mail slot) to show solidarity and support to our postal carriers.
📫 Put a sign up in your yard or window that says #USPSForever.
📫 Call your representative and both senators and tell them not to pass any relief package that doesn’t contain funding for the USPS.
📫 And tell everyone who wants the Postal Service to survive to do the same.

CALL/Email Action!: Urge your legislators to vote “YES” on the “Breathe Act”

Bill summery here:For decades, the federal government has incentivized mass criminalization through policies and funding programs that increase arrests, prison construction, hiring of police officers, and the militarization of police.  This funding has fueled the violent over-policing of Black people, while leaving social services and basic infrastructure that actually keep people safe woefully underfunded. The BREATHE Act proposes policy and funding that upends this violent reality. Policy is one of many tools at our disposal, and with this bill, we are creating a national standard of civil rights that will bring our demands into reality. We are not interested in someone else’s version of what is politically possible. We are interested in defending Black lives.” The bill doesn’t appear to have a number yet. Articles about it here and here.

Join the We Must Do M.O.R.E. campaign here. (Mobilize, Organize, Register and Educate People for Movement that votes!) People are coming together to create a transformative moral agenda to fight systemic racism, poverty, ecological devastation, militarism and the war economy, and the false moral narrative of religious nationalism into a powerful moral fusion movement that votes!

Check out all our “Watch Party” videos here.

  • Another powerful video to share with those who don’t understand what “Defund Police” means! (Use this link if the video below won’t play.)

Kindness alert – Protect and thank your essential workers!

“Grocery workers say morale is at an all-time low: ‘They don’t even treat us like humans anymore.’ 

New video to share with your friends:


Full story here.

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