Last Week! – Release the Kraken!

Mitch McConnell is rightly worried that vulnerable senators might be swayed by discussions of real-life healthcare issues with their constituents.  He wants this national trauma wrapped up in a bow before the summer recess, so they can present it to us as a done deal.

Don’t let them get away with this. Flood these smug tools of the wealthy with phone calls. Every day. It works!

If you want to do MORE, something in ADDITION to daily calls, try some suggestions here. (Rogan’s List) 

You can also call every branch office of your senators, every day. In California, that would be 11 calls a day.

General healthcare calling scripts, how to make calls when you really hate calling, and definitions of terms here.

Medicaid script here.

Planned Parenthood defense scripts here.

Get your friends and family in states with senators that have important votes to call here.


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